Paper Bows Tutorial

Paper Bows for You to Make!

Paper Bows Tutorial

Hi, my daisy friends!

I’m so excited to be with you here on the blog today sharing a tutorial on how to make paper bows to dress up your planner. It’s a great and easy way to use up any extra pieces of paper that you have from your kit that you haven’t used and the possibilities for uses are endless – in your planner, on a gift, in your hair (no, wait, I’m not so sure that’s a great idea assuming that you are a grown person but hey, you do you).

I am using the papers from the Traveler’s Notebook Memory Keeping Kit and the Daisy Dori A5 Planner Kit from the Orchard Path collection. I am just in love with the colors and artwork for this collection and I want to see them everywhere I look. And I love bows. Down here in the south, the saying goes that the bigger the bow, the better the mom. Another bow saying is, the bigger the bow, the closer to God. So, after this blog post, you can wow your friends with your paper bows and your down south sayings about bows.

So, let’s get started. The first thing to do is decide how you are going to cut out the template. It’s pretty straightforward. . . if you have a Silhouette or a Cricut, use it. If not, you can cut them out by hand. Your method for cutting the template determines your download. At the bottom of the post, I have links for a Silhouette Studio file, an SVG file (Cricut) and a PDF file (hand-cutting).

How to Make Paper Bows YouTube Video

Once you’ve downloaded the template, take a few moments to watch my tutorial video, which will walk you through the process step-by-step. If you are cutting the bows by hand, with a Cricut or you don’t need Silhouette instructions, skip to 12:32 in the video, which is where the assembly instructions begin.

Tiny Paper Bow

I’ve used these lovely little bows all over my planner this month and the best thing is that you can flatten them so that they don’t create as much bulk in your planner. As you can see above, I topped a small stack of the sticky notes with a small bow just for that little extra.

Paper Bow Paperclip

I used a chipboard sticker from the Memory Keeping: Pocket Kit in the center of this medium-sized bow and attached it to a paper clip to clip in an adorable big-headed photo of my dog, Monty. Between the bow and my pup, I’m sure to smile every time I get to this page in my planner!

Paper Bow Dashboard

I utilized the bows in my dashboards as well. Here you can see a double bow using coordinating papers for the loops and the tails and I added a couple of glitter dots to embellish the center.

Paper Bow Pocket

The rubber buttons from the Memory Keeping: Pocket Kit make a wonderful center ornament and here, I stacked a glitter dot on top because if a bow is wonderful, a bow with some glitter is even better!

So make your cutting choice and download the appropriate files below and start making paper bows for everywhere that you can think to use one.

Paper Bow Template - PDF file.      Paper Bow Template - Silhouette Studio Files.      Paper Bow Template - SVG Files

I hope that you enjoyed my paper bow tutorial and if you did, I hope that you check out some of my other videos on my YouTube channel and subscribe! You can find me on Instagram and Pinterest too! Tag me on Instagram or Facebook if you make bows for your planner!

Until next time, keep planning and creating!




  1. Annette Fertitta

    Julie, I love these, where do I go for the PDF????

    • Julie Deal Mooney

      At the bottom of the blog post, there are 3 small images in a row that have a green bar at the top and the bottom of each image that say “Paper Bow Template” at the top and then the type of file at the bottom (i.e. pdf, Silhouette or SVG file). I’m so glad that you like them. Good luck and let me know if you can’t find the download links.


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