Plan With Me – “Orchard Path” in my PP Weeks

Hello Daisies! Can you believe that the first day of Spring is just around the corner?! As always, Cocoa Daisy has delivered another gorgeous kit, just perfect for the season. Orchard Patch is full of peach blooms, soft shades of green and coral. It’s absolutely lovely.

I used washi, rather than date covers, in this layout. My handy dandy metal ruler makes this process quick and easy.

I layered day and date stickers or the washi.

PP weeks has 8 boxes in the spread, and I usually reserve one of them for the hydration tracking sticker that comes with my Cocoa Daisy stickers.

Each month, I am excited to see the washi that is included with my various Cocoa Daisy subscriptions. There is always such a great selection and best of all, it coordinates beautifully.

Please join me as I plan out my week in this video:

Plan With Me

Thank you for following along. I wish you a week full of whimsy.

Happy Planning!

xo, Belen

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