Using Your Planner While Social Distancing

Hi, Daisies! Like many of you, I am home from work for the foreseeable future because of the COVID-19 virus.  While part of me is loving being at home, another part of me is having some trouble with the disruption in my routine.  As much as I complain about work sometimes, it does give me a sense of accomplishment and responsibility on a daily basis, and having a schedule every day helps me feel that time is passing.  When I’m home without a schedule or routine, each day feels like it blends right into the next, and it would be very easy to just sit around and do nothing every day and not even realize it.

To help myself pass the time productively and feel like I’m living my life rather than just watching it go by, I’ve come up with a few ideas of how I can use my weekly planner pages while I’m at home practicing social distancing.  Normally, my planner is full of errands and things that need to get done at school or otherwise outside of the house.  Without those to-do’s, I’ve had to change the way I look at my weekly layout and come up with some new ways to use it.  Here are four ideas that I think will help me a lot, and I hope they help you, too. For all of these ideas, I am using kit items from the Orchard Path collection.

First up: self-care.  I don’t know about you, but when I’m home for days at a time with nowhere to go and nothing to do, it can be very easy to get lazy about my self-care routines.  So my first alternate idea for using my weekly layout is to track essential self-care. Along with washi and stickers from the Planner and Planner Add-On kits, I used stamps from the Orchard Path Memory Keeping kits to create simple checklists.  Checking these items off each day will keep me in a routine and ensure that I don’t neglect myself.

My second idea is to track and plan cleaning chores.  If I’m being lazy on the couch, it’s the house that’s being neglected.  So a simple list of small chores along with one large chore each day will keep the house shipshape and help me feel like I’m accomplishing something as well. Stickers from the Planner Sticker kit made this super easy.

My third idea is just to have some fun journaling how we pass the time each day.  As I said, it would be really easy for one day to blend into the next, and before you know it, weeks have gone by and you don’t even know what you did or how you spent your time.  With so much time to spend with family, this is a good opportunity to journal and document those small moments we are able to spend connecting with each other. The thought bubble diecuts are just perfect for this – translucent washi strips from the Planner Sticker kit make a fun background for this page.

Finally, you can use your planner pages as a gratitude journal.  A simple sentence written in pen will do, but why go simple when you can go bold? The various alphabet stickers look so good mixed up with some floral stickers, and even just these few words will bring back fond memories when I look back on them later on.

I hope these ideas help you use your planner pages over these next few months when it feels like there isn’t really anything to plan. Be creative and have fun with it!

For more inspiration, come hang out with us in the Cocoa Daisy Fans Page on Facebook – we are going to be hosting some live crafting and planning events in the group over the next couple weeks, and it will be a fun way to connect with people and get some crafting done at the same time.  If you need some materials, check out the Cocoa Daisy store – there are plenty of goodies in stock and ready to ship!

Until next time!

xoxo Kristine (visit me on Instagram and YouTube)

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