Personal Rings Set Up with April’s Up & Away! & Video

Hi Daisies,

April’s bright and cheerful theme is arriving just in time for this trying time in our world. I am using a Foxy Fix Personal Rings Folio in Spice Mermaid which is a deep teal. It really sets off the colors in this kit beautifully!

I love this dashboard as it is a constant reminder that there are “Good Things Ahead.” We just have to remember this and stay positive! I am doing my best to fill my planner up with things that make me happy and that I would not normally think to add. I plan on baking, working on my reading list, organizing my craft supplies (to make me happy not because I have to), scheduling in some FaceTime planning/crafting with friends, and unpacking my paints. My daughter is home and finishing her last semester of college via online classes so we are planning on walking and doing yoga together. I need to print those trackers again, too!

I placed my goals front and center – this Hello April 4″x6″ card from the Memory Keeping: Pocket Kit is perfect! I added a 3″x4″ pocket card from the Planner Kit for added interest before the next dashboard which has the April Calendar.

The next section I added, is the “Daily To Do” section from the Planner Kit: Personal Rings. I also included this 3″x4″ pocket card “Just Chilling” from the Memory Keeping: Pocket Kit. The reverse side is blank and I can list the programs that I am binge watching in April. It will be great for memory keeping.

My next section is for gratitude. I love to use the colorful week on one page to write what I am grateful for each night. The dashboard on left is one of my favorites! It is one side of the pattern paper from the Memory Keeping: Pocket Kit and diecuts and vellum stickers from the Planner Kit.

The planner pages are from the Planner Kit. I find that setting it up before the month starts and leaving plenty of space to write in what I need each day works really well for me. The stickers are a combination from the Planner Kit, Planner Add On Kit, Planner Sticker Kit and the Classified: Planner Kit Edition.

I make a dashboard for each section and love the monthly Dashboard subscription! I add a few things to personalize each dashboard such as washi, enamel dots and diecuts. I love to make washi ruffles, too! I change them up and make them messy or make them even like pleats in a curtain.

Each month, I transfer my monthly calendar section over to my new planner set up. This way I have a full year at my fingertips at all times. I use the stickers and washi from each month so that it “matches” the theme.

I will have more to show you soon and will film a walk through and post it here and in the CocoaDaisy Planner Fans Group.  I hope you found some inspiration!

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Until next time,
Cheryl Reiter



  1. Mary Hickory

    Hello Cheryl, This is my first month back with Cocoa Daisy and your ideas for what to track have really inspired me to get back into it. I’m also going to try some new recipes (Instant pot, air fryer, and baking), and get started on my spring cleaning. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your paper crafting. Thanks for the inspiration! Mary in Richmond, VA

    • Cheryl Reiter

      Hi Mary, I am so glad to hear that I am able to provide some inspiration! I use my instant pot all the time and should track it! I also need to get back to setting up my recipe book with CocoaDaisy and will post my progress. Thank you for the reminder <3


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