It’s TN Tuesday with the Cocoa Daisy Design Team

Hello Cocoa Daisy Fans,

Our design team is sharing TN layouts that include step-by-step instructions for the design or a specific element. There are several lovely ideas that you can easily recreate in your memory keeping and we are delighted to share them with you. Let’s begin with Ria’s layout.

“Hello Daisies! Hope you are all doing well. Today I’m sharing an easy technique for adding more dimension and texture to your TN layouts : fringemaking!”

“You can add fringe to part of your layout or use it to cover a the entire page as I did. If you have fringe scissors, then everything is easier. However, this can also be done with regular scissors and an extra bit of time. Here are the steps I took to create my fringed layout:
1. Trim your chosen piece of patterned paper into 1 inch pieces.
2. Decide on the length of your fringe. I a chose 1/2 inch length and drew a line to mark this point at the back of my patterned paper.
3. Continuously cut the paper in small, even sizes up to this point.
4. Once I had about 10 pieces of these done, I layered them one top of each other until I filled up a whole side of my TN layout. Easy peasy!”

“The layout I am sharing is a page in my book journal and I have embellished it using stickers from our past Cocoa Daisy kits. Thank you for taking a look and I wish you all well.”

Ria’s fringe really packs a punch in her TN layout. It’s gorgeous! And as she noted, it’s easy to replicate in your favorite memory keeping medium and all the various sizes available in scrapbooking and planning today. Next we have a design by DT member Korrie-ann.

“While flipping through the Up and Away dori I knew exactly which photo I wanted to use on this page. My photo was taken in Pandora, Animal Kingdom and while orange isn’t usually a colour I would use, that’s exactly what this photo needs. I chose orange as the main colour for my layout and chose additional elements representing other colours from the photo.”

“Here are the steps to recreate this design:
1: I printed my photograph sized 6 by 4 so it filled a lot of the page and glued it straight to the right-hand side.
2: I sorted through the pocket cards and picked the orange/yellow ones. I placed them on the page (not glued into place yet).
3: I began to layer my pieces closer to the bottom of the page, I used a scrap piece of paper and layered it underneath the pocket cards. Once I was happy with the layers I then glued them all down.
4: I liked the striped card with the blank area at the bottom and used my Amy Tangerine alpha stickers to spell out Pandora which fit perfectly.”

“5: I used a label stickers from the Memory Keeping Sticker kit and a die cut. I love how it all goes together to read out my documentation.”

“Step 6: Next I created a banner made from the stickers and twine in the kits. The banner was added by placing a bit of glue on the back of each banner flag and popping them onto the page leaving the twine free at the ends.”

“For my final step I popped the “Life is a beautiful ride” die cut in the top corner above my photo. I am quite pleased with how the layout has come together.”

Korrie-ann’s layout is bright and colorful and we love her little banner. The baker’s twine and banner stickers in the Up and Away kits are a great way to add texture to your TN with minimal bulk. Now on to our final layout which is from DT member Odessa.

“I’m inspired by all things cozy while making this colourful TN page! I used a particularly good cookie photo (we’ve been baking so much!) as the focus of this page. I like to quilt, or at least endlessly scroll through photos of quilts and think about making them, and was inspired by the half square triangle to make this page.”

“The colours and patterns in the Up and Away kits are so fun and playful. Like a quilting fabric collection there’s a nice range of wild and subtle prints, cool and warm colours and basic shapes and fun florals. I knew that I wanted a big focus image with quilting all around it so I cut a bunch of 1.5 inch squares from kit papers. I then sliced the squares in half and got busy piecing them together just right! While it appears to be a little random, if you look close you’ll notice I used the same papers in the same place all around. I then added in a cut down journal card from the Memory Keeping Pocket Kit that I knew with some journaling would make the page perfect. Even before embellishing, this page looked pretty great.”

“Once I glued everything down I added some little touches that really added to the quilted feel of the page. I pulled out the alpha stamp sets found in both of the Memory Keeping Kits and used a few of the letters and symbols that looked like sewing stitches and stamped them down to create “seams” on the paper. I love the hand crafted feel it gives to the page! If you have the Memory Keeping Classified Kit there are also some great rub ons that have a stitched feel. I used one of them as well.”

“The journal card I used from the Memory Keeping Kit is pretty perfect for right now, we all need a reminder of what is going right. I got a little cheeky with my list. I used some of the alpha stickers from the Up and Away Memory Keeping Sticker kit for emphasis. Cute and easy!”

“Finally, I used various tiny stickers from a mix of the Up and Away kits, the Memory Keeping Classified Kit was packed with them, to sprinkle on the quilted part of my page for a nice finish. I matched up the colour of sticker with the colour of paper beneath it to keep it from being too busy.

If you want to see me talk about my design a bit, check out my video. If you’re inspired to make a page based on a quilt, I recommend searching with the hashtag #halfsquaretriangle on Instagram. Quilt designs translate so well onto your page, I love this technique when I want to just play with patterns. It works for pages of all size too. Time to get cutting up tiny triangles!”

Odessa has an amazing eye for patterns and we love her tip on finding ideas for creating them in your layouts too! Patchwork quilt patterns are quite popular in memory keeping and can be made using punches and cutting machines too. Other shape ideas include the square, long hexagons, and stars. These shapes can be used to create a wide variety of patchwork patterns with your Cocoa Daisy kit papers.

Happy crafting!


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