Tulip Time Planner Set Up

Hi everyone! I’m so excited that it’s May. I’m hoping that the weather starts to warm up and improve. My planner hasn’t been quite as full, given the current situation, but I’m hoping that this month maybe that will begin to change. We will have to see.

I wanted to share my set up with you today. I am using two planners for the month of May. I had combined all of my inserts into a Standard TN for the past couple of months, but wanted to change it up a bit. So, my Print Pression Weeks is now on it’s own. The rest of my inserts will be in a Foxy Fix Spiced Rosemary personal rings planner. So far, I’m really enjoying how this is working out.

Let’s take a peek inside my Weeks. I made an insert cover using one of the papers from the kit. I love the bookmark calendars that were included this month, so I adhered one to the front. This way I can have a calendar at a glance. I added some vintage trim and die cuts, as well. I tucked a tag and some other items in the front pocket and now I’m good to go.

My personal rings planner holds my other important inserts. This month, I created a hybrid by adding some elastic wrapped around the rings. This way, I can use my booklet inserts as well as some ring inserts. I love the pages from the Personal Daisy Dori and use these. I took the book apart, cut the pages and punched holes in them. I have included some of my favorites, along with the personal sized dashboards, which I always love.

Here is a side view of all of the inserts together. As you can see, I used lots of trims and punched edges to give it texture and a fun design!

My first insert is this pocket sized budget tracker. Keeping it in the front of my planner helps me keep track of my finances. I use the same booklet each month and switch out the cover. I love the folded papers that come with the planner kit and just trim them to size and slide them over the booklet. I always include the calendar card from the Pocket Memory Keeping kit on this insert.

Next, I used the dashboards and created section dividers using the tabs. I have my goals, meal planning section, tracker, challenges and notes sections here. The dashboards are all coordinated, since I used trim, puffy stickers and gems on each of them. I love all of the florals this month and flipping through this section just makes me smile.

My next insert is my Daisy Weeks. Again, I created a cover from the folded paper and used another 3 by 4 card on here along with die cuts and stickers. This insert houses my design team work , social media posting, and schedules.

So, as you can see, I am all set for May. It’s going to be a fun month! If you’d like to see even more details, I created a video flip through. You can find it here:

Tulip Time Planner Flip Through

Thanks so much for stopping by today. 🙂

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