Planning during lock-down


I hope you are all OK. For my blog post this month, I will talk to you about my planning during the lock down. Even if things are going crazy different than usual, I still planning and believe it helps to my mental sanity. But I made some (little) adjusments in the pages I need in my planner. The other thing is that I live overseas, and consequently my kit is still in the US, so I needed to find a way to “play” with cocoadaisy, even if my kit isn’t here yet…


The first thing I made was to shop my stash. I have a big box, and items are together “per category”. So I used the color scheme cards from the last page of the free-printables and choosed papers, washi, stickers and accessories that were in that color-scheme.


Then, I printed several times those printables, as well as the “subscriber printables” (you can find those on your account under the label “subscriber downloads”, there is one every month and it’s perfect to help setting up the weeklies pages).

I fussy cuted all those pretty printables. I do not have some cutting machine, so I used my precision scissors, like the ones that are listed in the store. As I use them as “stickers”, I just print them on “basic paper” on my ink-jet printer, and then I use simple glue to tape them.

Of course, I miss the kit, it’s so perfectly coordinated. But I am very grateful of all the printables we can use, and for the fact that a lot of oldies from previous kits are perfectly matching.

This is how my dori cover turned out. I am pretty happy of this.

On the picture you can see the washi card that was in March 2019 kit, but is still in the store. As I didn’t have any “large” paper from the planner kit, I just cut some pieces of papers, and glued them on each side of my dori cover. And I mixed old kit items (washi, tag, etc) and some printables, in order to have something in “Tulip Time” mood.


For the inner cover, I also glued a piece of paper. I used some simon stamps that found they way to me during lock down, as they were re-listed last month. Aren’t they the cutest ? I used the alphabet stamp from “up and away” kit for the title, and some pages of the June 2019 kit in order to take notes during the month if needed. However, I just used some washi tape (instead of glue) on the bottom to fix those, as I want to change those with the ones from “Tulip time” once my kit will have find his way to me.

For the other side, I glued the pretty printable from Jennifer that makes the perfect cover page in addition with some stamping and a piece of printables.

I created my tabs with a punch, and mostly stamped with the “house font” stamp kit.

For my monthly page, I used 2 coordinated papers, some stamping with “day and date house-font stamp”, some board from olders classic stickers kits (I use them to note items I buy on line and track if I have received them), printables and a calendar that I printed. As usual, I mark events with stickers from the add-on kit. I really like how this page turned !

For my weeklies pages, I like to “theme” them for several months now.

This is the “butterfly week”. Here, I used the suscribers printable and free printable that I mentionned before. I also used some stickers border from oldies stickers kits, and some days stickers from old classified kit. This is one moment I really miss my daisy dori, because the paper from this notebook doesn’t allow me to stamp directly… So I didn’t used much stamping this month.

This one is the “blue week”, and I have to say I really like it !


As stamping is not easy, and because it’s the cutest, I used the printable tracker in order to track my steps and my meditation practice. I decorated with the printable paper you have directly in you email-box each month if you subscribe to the newsletter (you can subscribe if you go at the end of each page of the website).


As it’s lock-down, I changed some pages I do each month. For example, I made a page in order to track the online classes I follow with my dogs. I used the same stamps than before, and some printable, plus big alpha stickers (form old TNMK kit) and numbers from an add-on kit. I really needed this page because I took a looot of classes and I was a bit lost in April !

During lock-down, my meal plan page is also really important to me. I made it on the same way than usual, and used foam stickers from previous kits. I really like this yellow and blue page !

I also find really useful to keep tracking my “currently” page, with all my cultural stuff, because it’s an important part of the actual days !

I keep writting in my journal every day. I find it really useful for my state of mind, and I hope it will be something to read when the crisis will be gone. I use the printables in order to decorate it, and I use the pretty Simon and the weather to track the weather. As stamping is complicated in this notebook I had in my stash, I just stamp on a simple piece of paper, and the cut it and glue it on my page.

My gratitude page is also really useful to see all the good things that are happening. There isn’t just the pandemy. There are also some great things every day, like a good meal with my husband, a good book to read or some really fun play with the dogs. Write it helps me to see the good every day <3


To finish my dori, I used the other part from Jennifer’s printable. On the other side of the page, I glued some pretty paper. I used the same alphabet stamp, and some printables to decorate. This page is also important to me, because it helps to focus on the after…


If you want to see all my set up, you also can see my set up video on You Tube :

The video is in french, but you can see the images 😉


I hope this blog post has been helpful for you.

And you, how are you using your planner during lock-down ? Please take care, and happy crafting.




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