Planning solution in May

Hi everyone.

Today I’m going to share how I plan while I’m still waiting for my May kit to arrive. You might have known that I live in Germany and the big part of the European CD packages haven’t arrived yet due to the lock down action.

But thankfully Cocoa Daisy has many printable items that I can use to plan, so that I can still feel the joy of the May kit. Besides the printables, I also pulled out some items from the past kits that match the colours of this month’s kit. I’m also very grateful that we can always mix and match the past kits to the current kit. I found a lot of items for this purpose.

I’m using this TN that I made myself using the regular printer paper and a scrapbook paper for my cover. I have this TN quite a while to write down some random things, such as quick notes and brain dumping. The pages are not decorated. So it’s not worth to share it here.

I just created a dashboard for my cover that I attached to it using the mini binder clip from the past kit. I don’t want to glue it permanently on my cover because I use this TN not only for the month of May.

The base of this dashboard is the bonus free printable patterned paper that you will receive, if you are a newsletter subscriber.

As the background of my pages, I printed the printable TN pages from the free printables and glued them onto my blank pages.

This is how my monthly view spread looks. I printed the printable elements on sticker papers and fussy cut them to make them easier to attach onto the pages.

As usual, I marked the weekend days using the highlighters.

The next pages is my challenge list page and my random notes page.

For this pages I printed the butterfly images on a regular printer paper and glued them only in the middle to create a 3D look on the butterflies.

The next spread is a “Just for fun “ spread.

I’m really bad at tracking something constantly, but the Cocoa Daisy’s May tracker is so cute and I have to use it somehow. So I just use it as colouring pages in my TN. This way, I can colour it in anytime I can. It’s so fun and it’s also relaxing.

This is my this week spread before the pen.

I thought it would be fun to change my planner spread layout. So this is how my new planner spread looks.

And last but not least this is my next week spread, before the pen.

Here, I fussy cut the tracker images to decorate this spread and I think it looks very cute.

Well that’s it.

I hope this can give you some ideas on alternative planning while you are still waiting for your kit to arrive.

Thank you so much for joining me today and see you next time.



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