“Serengeti” Planner Setup

You guys.  YOU GUYS!  This kit… I can’t even with this kit.  The whole time I was putting my planner together, I was just loving all the colors and patterns and artwork.  It was a JOY to do this setup, and I hope that comes through for you in this post!

I’ve got a quick setup video for you later, but first, let’s have a look at a few photos! I am not normally a brown planner girl, but I couldn’t resist pairing the Serengeti kits with this Whiskey standard size notebook from Foxy Fix.  The warm tone sets off the kit items perfectly, especially with the gorgeous swag from Fir and Yew. The giraffe patterned pouch from the Classified: Planner Edition kit and the yellow polka dots on last month’s sticker pouch just coordinate so perfectly; and how cute is that bow dangle clip from the Planner Kit?

I usually use a tag from the Memory Keeping kits to decorate the front inside pocket of my planner, but pre-cut tags weren’t in the kits this month.  No problem! I used one of last month’s tags as a template and cut this ostrich card from the Memory Keeping: Pocket Kit into a tag instead.  I backed it with some brown paper and tied a bit of gold ribbon at the top.  I love seeing his cute face when I open up my planner!

I love to have something pretty to look at right when I open my cover, and this month I decided to make a woven washi dashboard (tutorial link).  I used washi from the Planner Add-On and Classified: Planner Edition kits, along with a couple other rolls from my stash, then topped them with another pocket card, cut down and backed with a couple of pieces of card stock.  Glitter dots from the Planner Add-On kit complete the look. In this pic, you can also see the discs I’m using this month – I chose black to complement the papers and washi, and I think they work really well.

The patterns in the papers this month just knocked my socks off, and I wanted to really show them off.  So I used an edge punch to punch the scallop pieces, then glued those to the edges of the papers I used for my dividers and tab pages. Between the Planner and Memory Keeping kits, there were SIXTEEN different patterns to work with, and I think I used them all in one way or another!

On the back of my washi dashboard, I stuck some pages from the sticky notes in the Planner Kit for easy access and added the acetate from the Classified: Planner Edition kit. On the right, I used one of the folded papers in the Planner Kit to create a pocket for some of the notepad pages from the Planner Kit – all I had to do was cut down the front part and edge it with a contrasting strip of paper and some more scalloped edging.  The little giraffe patch from the Planner Add-On kit is just perfect here.

I always love the pocket cards, but the Serengeti cards are just a step up this month.  I love to use them on my dividers and dashboards – this Hakuna Matata card just makes me happy!

I am seriously excited to move into this planner next week!  To get a look at everything that’s inside, have a look at this short (under 4 minutes!) video showing how all the pieces came together:

Thanks so much for hanging out with me today, and I hope you enjoyed my setup! Feel free to leave me questions or comments down below, and visit me on Instagram or in the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page on Facebook for more inspiration. Happy planning!!

xoxo Kristine


  1. A. Logan Wilhelm

    I love your set up, especially the punched decorative edging, thanks so much for sharing! Where did you get the various blank pages for note taking, tracking, etc please?

    • rustina55

      Thank you so much! Because this is a custom size, I’ve had to make most of the pages myself. I made my tracker in Excel and just played with the height and width settings until it would fit on the page when printed out, and my to-do list pages are just free grid printables I found online.

      I haven’t gone looking, but it’s possible printables similar to these could be found online – my pages are very close to Weeks size, just a wee bit taller, so there may be a shop out there that carries pages like mine. 🙂

      – Kristine

    • rustina55

      Hi there – if you would like to purchase Cocoa Daisy kits or items, check out the store at this link:


      They do deliver internationally, though mail is somewhat delayed right now because of COVID.

  2. Laura C.

    love your setup, Kristine! As always, you rock! What size discs are you using for this setup?

    Thanks for sharing!

    • rustina55

      Aw, thank you! These are 1” discs from Arc (I also have some gold ones from Levenger). I tried Happy Planner discs in April, but they only come in 3/4” or 1.25” – too small and too big. These 1” discs are just right!


    Loving what you did with this kit. You are the best, as always! ?

    • rustina55

      My friend, thank you for your support and your inspiration!! <3


  4. Lisa Forsythe

    So much amazingness as always! My favorite???…. That washi weave of course 🙂

    • rustina55

      Of course!!! 🙂 Thank you, my friend!


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