Using Edge Punches to Spice Up Your Planner

Hey, daisies! Today I am here with some photos and a short video tutorial to show you how to use edge punches to jazz up your planner or memory keeping. Edge punches come in a ton of styles and patterns – do a Google search and you will see!  Here are some of the pretty edges I’ve made with edge punches in my planner over the last few months.  June, with the Serengeti papers:

July, with the To The Sea papers:

And August, with the Backyard Blooms papers:

Aside from making pretty dashboard edges, you can also use punched edges to decorate pockets and other parts of your planner. The possibilities are endless!

So let’s look at the actual punches. They all pretty much have the same construction – a handle to push down on to make the punch, and a long base with stencils of the punch pattern on either side.

The actual punch part can be seen on the back, and usually spans just a few inches:

The part of the punch with the printed pattern shows you where to line up your paper to make your first punch, and then you just move the paper to make the subsequent punches until you get all the way across the paper.

Lining up the punch to get a clean, unbroken pattern across the edge of your paper can seem a little intimidating at first, but it’s actually pretty easy to do.  Take a look at this short tutorial for some tips, and happy punching!

xoxo Kristine


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