Using Daisy Doris for other things than planning

Hello Daisies !

I hope you are all OK. Today I want to share with you a post a bit “outside the box”. Even if all items came from my boxes of Happy 🙂

In fact, I will share with you how I sometimes use my Daisy Doris for other uses than planning. It’s been a thing for me since I began to be involved with Cocoa Daisy. But during the early lock-down, some of my boxes took ages to come to France, after the end of the month. This had 2 consequences : I had 2 month of doris to use, AND I changed my way of planning and began to plan into an A5 bullet journal, with Cocoa Daisy products (you can see my last blog post HERE on this subject), so I needed new use for my doris.

But there is so much things I can do with my doris that I decided to keep my sub’ the same ! So today I’ll share with you some examples. I hope you’ll show me what you are doing with those in Cocoa Daisy Fan Group on Facebook !


Making some “flash cards” : I begin a new course this fall, so I use my doris to make some flash cards for studying.

Even anatomy looks great in doris ! Those are July 2020 and August 2020 simple doris. In July I just used the packaging of items as a background for pictures, in order to have the same all around my dori, and some stickers when my text didn’t filled all the page.

For august cover, I kept the kraft cover and glued the vellum from planner classified kit. Then, I just added washi, a card from planner add on, alphas from TNMK kit and some stickers and some of the awsome sticky die-cuts.



I used my other standard dori from august to make an other flash card dori. On this one, I removed the kraft cover and replaced it by a patterned paper from main planner kit. For the decoration, I used the awsome Simon card from the planner classified kit, a tab, stickers and some die cuts from the TNMK kit, and alphas from the planner add-on kit. I really love how the two doris are differents from each other, and yet from the same kit.


On this picture, you can see the cover of July’s simple dori. I used patterned paper, a personal dashboard, some stickers and rub-on and alphas from the planner add-on.

The personal notebook was all home made with April 2020 left-overs, with simple paper, a patterned paper, a memory keeping pocket card, some stickers and a bit of stamping.


Using it for doggy planning : if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I use a lot Cocoa Daisy for planning and keeping track of my dogs training plans. I use an A5 with the weeks stickers kits (but not the subject here), and personal doris.

This month, I loved using double sided stickers as tabs in my personal dori. It add a quick but efficient decoration. I just add stamping for pages’ titles.


This is the cover from August personal dori. This month I really liked to keep kraft. On this one I used the acetate sheet from Planner classified kit. I just added washi and some stickers from TNMK kit.


I really love how Daisy doris are decorated, I do not have a lot to do to make them fun, as this one from June that I used for keeping track of my training plans.


This is the cover from June personal dori. Here too, I made it really simple, with a personal dashboard and just a couple of stickers. Really a 5 min cover, I was too excited to finaly have my first box in 3 months ^^

Using it for a yearly project : I used the B6 dori from January kit as a support for my 2020 one little word project.


Make a garden planner : I used the A5 from 2020 March kit as a support for my garden planner.

Inside, I used some stickers and some stamps to decorate. But what is great with Daisy Dori is that they are pre-decorated. So you don’t have a lot of work to make them pretty, they already are <3


When I use the planner doris for an other use than planning, I cover the calendar. Most often, I use a piece of patterned paper and stickers, sometimes washi. But sometimes I can use vellum, or even print on it 🙂

Using it as home planner : Those are olders kits, but I decided to show them to you in order to give you some ideas. The foxe one is my home planner. I write days for trash, where stuff are, how are working the coffee machine or the TV, for when my mom is keeping the house (and the dogs) for us. The two others are others garden planners. Do you know you can find some olders bites and pieces on the Cocoa Daisy Etsy account ?

Making a junk journal : I made one with February 2020 kit, and some left overs. Then I used it for memory keeping. Here is an older video from this junk journal in a A5 dori.


There are a lot of others ideas you can have to use your doris for other stuff than planning : reading list, keeping track of TV show, recipes, gratitudes, sport, etc. And you, what are your uses for your unused doris ? Show me on Facebook please !


  1. Mary Hickory

    Suchcreative ideas! Thanks for sharing them with us.

    • paulineboubals

      Thank you ! 🙂

  2. Judy

    You’ve got lots of ideas – and these look great. I especially love your garden doris.

    • paulineboubals

      Thank you ! Hope it was helpful 🙂


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