Using the weeks and calendar sub’s in differents sizes of planners

Hello Daisies 🙂 !

I hope all of you are ok and that you had a nice summer. In today’s blogpost, I’ll talk to you about the week stickers and calendar stickers kits. But I won’t use them in a weeks booklet. I will use them in a (in 2 for real) A5 bullet journal. So you can see that those kits are really fun even with other formats !


First thing first, one of my monthly page. This is the one in the doggy planner. For making this calendar, I first glue a double page of paper from the main planner kit. Then, I use a stencil to trace the calendar. I just trace the actual days of the month. Then I add some washi tape on the side of the page (same on all page of the month). Then I cut the stickers from the calendar stickers kit and add them on my calendar. I also use the “this month” sticker on this page. And to finish my page, I use some stickers and die cuts from various kits (planner, add-on, TNMK)



This is a closer view of my calendar page


This is the monthly page of my “self” planner. I use the “name of the month” sticker on my monthly to-do-list.


In this one, I also use the stickers with the week number and the tiny tracker sticker from the weeks kit. I glue them on my weekly to-do-list. The tracker is here to note when I need to take allergies med.


But my main use of the weeks and calendar stickers is the doggies planner. So let’s back to it ! On the weekly pages, I use some washi on the top, and also the banners. I make a short to do list for training on the top, and I use the tracker box so track the days when we actually work.


Then I use the rest of the double page to glue the days and numbers. As you can see, it’s a bit minimalistic but I have a lot to write 🙂 You can also see that I decorate this A5 with almost only the weeks and calendar stickers kit, just add some stickers/die cuts or free printables on the top of the week.

Depending on when the month finish, I may add some cards (from the planner add on, the planner classified or the memory keeping pocket kit), or making a notes page in order to finish the month. In this planner, I always do from 1 to finish (in my planner I follow the entire weeks).


And you ? Are you using some kits with differents planner than the ones they are calibrated for ?

Happy Crafting !



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