October planner set up with Flanner & Frost Kit

Hello Daisies !

Today is October’s first day, so it’s a perfect day to show you my planner set up for this month 🙂 !

Since June, I use a A5 bullet Journal, and I keep my standard dori inserts as supports for my flash cards. Stay tunned on my Instagram if you want to see those later this month 🙂


As usual, I begin the month with a presentation page, and some boxes for items that I ordered online and waiting for shipping. For this, I used a double sided paper from main planner kit, the monthly bookmark, some brown glitter stickers, and boxes stickers from differents stickers kits.


I also added the cute free printable with hedgehogs and pumpkins, as you can see in this close-up. Aren’t they adorables ?


After that, there is my monthly page. On the left, I use a free printable page as a monthly to-do-list. I also add some stickers from various kits, and the banner from the calendar kit. For the calendar page, I used the acetate from planner classified. I love the transparency effect <3. I printed my calendar, where I add some round stickers (from planner add-on) in order to summarize my month. As the acetate was already charged, I didn’t add a lot of decoration in this page.


Here is a close-up from this page. Yes, I am completly in love with hedgehogs ! I also love leaves puffy stickers, to add some volume to the pages.


The next pages are my weeklies pages. All are structured the same : a weekly to-do-list on the first left page (with also my meal planning for the week, a tracker for allergies meds, and prompts for the #cocoadaisyplannerchallenge), and then 3 pages for the week. Here is an example of my weeklies :


For those pages, I use a lot of stickers, from all stickers kits. I particularly love the hexagons stickers and try to add them at least twice each month.


After my 4 weeklies pages comes my gratitude page. It’s one of my favorite each month. I used some brush pen for the watercolor background. I also added some die-cuts and quotes. For the title, I used the puffy alpha stickers from TNMK kit. I think those alpha, in all colors are my favorites ! And yes, hedgehogs with pumpkins are back <3


Then comes the page I use for meal tracking. I also write my meals ideas/shopping needed on the bookmark coming from the free printables. For the meal page, I use some stickers from classic stickers kit, and older Cocoa Daisy stamps.


For 2,5 years now, I track my cultural stuffs in my “currently” page. For this one, I use one of the dashboards on one page, and an older stamp with a matching color for the other.


And my last page this month, I have my trackers page. This month, I track 3 things : steps, money saving (yes, I order too much books online ^^) and meditation. For this double page, I used some free printables, leaves stamps, Simon Covid-19 printable, and an older tracker stamp (on stickers). Here, I used again the puffy alphas (yes, I really love them !!!).


That’s all for my October set up in my planner. I hope you enjoyed it ! I also have a doggy planner. You can see them both on my set-up video.



That’s all for today, I wish you a great October 🙂 Take care.






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