Adding Texture to Your Planner

I love adding texture and dimension to my planner. Planning is a creative process for me. Finding ways to make it look layered and visually appealing is an important aspect of my planning. Every month, there are so many items in the kits that allow me to make my planner chunky and full of texture. Today, I’m sharing some of the ways I do this.

I am currently using two planners. My Print Pression Weeks is the planner that I carry with me to work and when I am out. I decorate the pages in this planner, but only use stickers and keep it relatively simple. My other planner houses several different inserts and stays on my desk, next to my laptop. This is the one I really go to town on. Occasionally, it is carried with me, but usually it is on my table looking pretty!

Here is a view of everything I added this month.

To start with, I love adding lots of layers and details to my pockets. On this one, I added a 3 by 4 card to the little window and surrounded it with chipboard pieces. Next, I decorated the tag that came with the kit. I used the puffy leaves (one of my absolute favorite kit pieces) and another piece of chipboard. I took a length of washi and folded it over itself to create a piece of ribbon to tie at the top. A glitter dot (my other favorite texture adding embellishment) tops it off. The tag is tucked into the pocket with some leaf shaped sticky notes. I added another pocket card and the ribbon clips to finish it off. I love the variety of textures and the layering on here.

My first insert is a pocket sized one. This houses my bills and budgeting information. I created the cover for this insert by using the folded paper, cutting it to the size of the insert and folding over the tabs. Next, I found a wide piece of ribbon and tied it around the cover. I love using ribbon like this because it really makes a statement and is so pretty. I attached a small gold tassel using some twine to give it even more dimension. I knew I wanted to use the beautiful sequins that came with the kit. I found a page protector with several sized pockets and trimmed one off. I poured the sequins in and closed off the top opening with some washi tape. This was adhered to the front of the cover using a glue stick. I added extra glue to the back of the washi and to the middle of the pocket. I then covered that area with a die cut adhered with foam adhesive.

My next insert is my Personal Dori. I created the cover using another piece of folded paper. On this one, I layered two cards. The calendar one is adhered with foam adhesive for dimension, too. I love using vintage trim on my covers and used two here. More dimension was added with the chipboard and glitter dots. I just LOVE those things!

My final insert is a notebook that I use in my planner. Again, I added the folded paper cover. This time, I used one of the personal sized dashboards to decorate it. Once again, I layered the vintage trim and glitter dots. I also used those fun puffy leaves. Layering them gave them even more texture.

I really love how this planner turned out. As you can see, I was able to use a lot of elements to help it become a layered and texture little work of art. I love looking at it on my desk! Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!

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