Ideas for Mini Books that Comfort and Inspire

Hello friends,

Have you considered creating mini books with your kits? It’s a great way to use up the left-over supplies you love. And you can incorporate shipping items including the box your kits arrive in, the tissue paper and bags used to house and protect your kit items and the item packaging itself. Today we are sharing two projects using page formulas that incorporate repeated shapes. Evy created a mini album with a repeated tag shape and item packaging while Melina made an album with kraft envelopes and she incorporated some of the shipping pieces from her DT box. Let’s begin with Evy’s sweet tag mini.

“In this period many of us have difficulties of various kinds: health, economic, etc. so I decided to create little gifts with the leftovers of the kits to make my friends smile. For this gift I took as an example the tag that you find every month in the kit ,and which I then used as a cover, and I made other tags with some leftover pieces of paper and also with the wood-colored cardboard that was under the various products!

I created some pockets with vellum and for each pocket I inserted some little things from the kit: sample of washi, chipboards, tabs, alphas, diecuts, sequins, clips and notes.

For each tag I wrote the contents with the dymo and the washi from the Flannel and Frost kits. Finally I put a ribbon to join the tags, a tassel (it is from a pouch of a previous kit) and I created a small dedication by mixing stickers, chipboard and enamel dots, “Hello friend, smile, you are golden”.

I had seen a similar thing created by @planning_jani on IG (she is a fantastic creative) and I wanted to do my own version. I love the final effect, I hope it makes my friend smile too.” Evy created this little walkthrough of her entire tag album so that you can see each tag.

A sweet and adorable idea to bring some cheer to a friend in need! Next we have a clever mini album from Melina.

“For this challenge I wanted to use some kraft envelopes that had been laying around. Those are the ‘pages’ of my book. I also wanted this little junk journal/mini album to showcase parts of the kits that usually don’t get too much attention. When your box of happy comes to your house there is cute, yellow, polka dot, tissue paper wrapping the kit bags and on top of each kit bag is twine keeping them closed so none of your pretties fall out. I decided these two items in the Cocoa Daisy shipments needed some love. All other items used in my project come from the November Traveler’s Notebook Memory Keeping Kit. I tore the tissue paper and placed it on the front and back of my book.”

“Then I just began adding kit papers, washi, die cuts, chipboard stickers and enamel dots until I loved my front cover.”

“I added papers and die cuts to the inside flaps of the envelopes and even a couple of tip-ins to add pictures to later. Then since I added so much goodness to the inside, I needed a closure. That’s where the twine worked so well!”

“I love gathering items that may be out of the ordinary to create pretty little keepsakes.”

Show us your mini book ideas in our private facebook group or share with us on social media. Be sure to use the @cocoa_daisy tag so that we can see what you are making.

Be well and safe!


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