Blues and Greens to Set Your Memory Keeping Scene

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In this post we are talking all about color, specifically blue and green! While there are several beautiful colors to choose from in the Cranberry Rose Collection, you can find beautiful results by sticking with one or two colors. Today, we challenged our design team to focus their design on the blues and greens from the kit, and they did not dissapoint! We’ll begin with a pocket page spread from Robin, who focused on one blue hue, lots of wonderful texture.

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“I wanted to use a poem I found recently along with some journaling so I decided to go big on this layout by making it a two page spread. It’s the first story in my December album which makes it special.

No photo description available.As I’ve noted before, I want my December Stories album to have lots of texture and so I decided to use a snowflake stencil and texture paste to cover my journaling page. I love the feel of the texture paste on my background paper and that I could elevate my page with the white foam words from the Cranberry Rose Memory Keeping: Pocket Kit.

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To ensure the foam phrase on my photo and title page stand out, I placed them on ripped vellum.

Image may contain: text that says 'ALL BUNDLED UP! It's the first day accumulation month December AND fire clean-up, decided merry and wine there and favorite parts home snowfall with During fall Able the enjoy move our backyard. In lovely people have each quiet. and today, yards. the bundle ine blowing and puppers. bring little lichigan, it's fire! But f'ur frigid. ba.bies.! to cocoa SEN daisy robin adryan 2020 DESIGN TEAM'My journaling is printed on vellum which gives the viewer a hint of the snowflake texture and gorgeous patterned paper behind the words. I used vellum glue tape (Plus Corporation’s Permanent Vellum Glue Tape, available on Amazon) to adhere the bottom corners of my journaling and added liquid glue behind the ‘all bundled up’ chipboard to keep the vellum journaling stays in place.

No photo description available.

It was important to add balance to my design and so I added the little ‘fave’ phrase to the split photos of my pups.  It’s best to use liquid glue on mixed media to ensure all your lovely kit embellishments stay put. I added the same liquid glue to the back of my white foam phrases too.

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I love the color blue and its many hues and so I really enjoyed creating a layout focused on using blues and greens from our Cranberry Rose kits!”

We love how the blue hues in Robin’s layout pair perfectly with the mood of this story in her December Album. Let’s see what Natasha created in her memoy planner for this blue and green challenge.

No photo description available.

“December always brings lots of extra special stories to document on top of my everyday memories so I knew I wanted to make a statement and create something extra special. I decided to create a layered look by adhering a piece of pattern paper to an old planner dashboard and then creating a textured pocket page to layer on top of my dashboard. With so many mini pockets this pocket page served as a fantastic showcase of all the beautiful blue and green embellishments from this month’s Cranberry Rose collection.

No photo description available.

To prevent decision fatigue and set myself up for success to focus on creating versus digging through all the pieces of the collection, I pre-selected my products that were in the blue and green family prior to sitting down to create this project. Pre-selecting a color palette is a go-to point of inspiration for many projects.

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With the product pieces ready to go I was able to focus on my placement of each element, balancing the different shades and patterns throughout the insert. I made design choices that have your eye travel throughout the pocket page instead of being grouped in one or two pockets.

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Additionally, I did play with texture by including items inside and out of the pockets to give it a special touch and let all the glam and sparkle shine. To adhere the products outside of the pockets, I used both a tiny stapler and some hot glue. I just loved how this project turned out- it embodies the festive holiday season with a nod to the lush blues and greens that surround me in the Florida winters.”

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If you love pocket pages, but miss having a more tactile spread, considering borrowing a page from Natasha and placing decor outside the pockets as well! Check out Natasha’s process video on her YouTube channel to see this design come together.

For our final design, we have a beautiful Simple Dori Travelers Notebook layout from Carol, complete with mixed media and a little interactive element!

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“This year I am using the Cranberry Rose Simple Dori Travelers Notebook to document stories from my childhood or specific to my life & Christmas. This particular spread is from our annual tree farm visit.

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'TIME WHET WITHIN WE winter SEE WESEETHE THE mdgie md OF NATURE GOOD TIMES lleps undless cocoa daisy carod chastain 2021 MEMORY KEEPER'

I wanted to make the card from the Memory Keeping: Pocket Kit stand out and to do that I added a patterned paper and watercolor to make the text of “winter” and “magic” pop. This also lends itself well to tying in the colors from the right side of the spread. Greens and Blues are my fave (colors of the sea!)

No photo description available.No photo description available.

Now a standard travelers notebook spread does not provide a ton of real estate to work with, meaning you have to get creative – and sometimes interactive – with your journaling. My solution: tuck a tag from the Cranberry Rose Classified: Memory Keeping Kit behind the photo. I love how it heightens the spread and invites you to find a hidden treasure of a story. Adding little enamel dots and splashes of watercolor made the spread feel complete. I am looking forward to telling more of these stories as the month goes on.”

Image may contain: text that says 'DECEMBER TE STORIES mm /find cut posev a a g g iii i i kkl n cocoa daisy cand chastain I 2021 MEMORY KEEPER'

Carol reminds us that a small canvas, like a travelers notebook, can still make a big impact! We love her use of the photo as a place to tuck hidden journaling. Make sure to visit Carol’s YouTube channel to see the process video for this spread.

Are you loving the blue and green tones in the Cranberry Rose Collection, too? Tell what you love about this collection by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page.


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