Journaling in my Daisy Dori planner.

Hi everyone.

Christmas is just a few days away. How’s your preparation so far? Do you make a December Daily this year?

I usually make a December Daily every year. but because of the pandemic situation,

I was just at home most of the time this month and I didn’t have much events to document.

So, I‘ve decided to do just some journal pages in my standard size Daisy Dori.

If you know me, I love to create interactive journal pages.

Today I want to share with you how I journal in my Dori planner

and how I used the items from the Cranberry Rose kit in my Journal pages to create some interactive elements.

As always I will write my journal later on when I finished gluing all the photos onto the pages. So you won’t see any of my writing on this blog post.

First of all, here’s a few tips on how I prepared the page before I journal.

Most of the pages in the Daisy Dori planner are for planning. That means, most of them have some separation lines that are suitable for weekly planning.

I actually don’t mind having those lines on my journal spread. They can be used to separate my pictures section to my journal section.

But sometimes I do want some more plain pages to journal.

In this case, I just cover up the line using a patterned paper or using the free printable planner pages as you can see here on the picture below.

The other thing that I like to do, to make my pages more interesting is to create some small cute elements.

My favorite one is to create some small charms out of puffy stickers.

This month, there’s no puffy stickers in the kit, so I used the chipboard stickers instead.

They came in the pocket memory keeping kit.

To make this charm I just stuck the thread on the sticky side of the sticker and then attached the washi tape over it to seal it.

Now let’s take a look at my journal pages.

To separate the planner section and the journal section, I created an interactive title spread.

I hand cut the door out of a patterned paper from the pocket memory keeping kit and attached it onto the page using the sellotape,

so that the door can be opened.

I painted the wall using watercolour and drew some brick patterns on it.

On the picture below you can see that I attached one of the charms I made out of the chipboard sticker.

On the next journal spread I attached the vellum from the planner classified kit between the two journal pages for my title. So that I have more room to journal.

I separated each snowflake of the glitter snowflakes edgers from the main planner kit and stuck them on the back side of the vellum.

In the picture below I will write the story about the pictures on the sticker from the planner sticker kit and on the sticky note.

Since the print on the sticky note didn’t match with what I‘m going to write about, I just cut off that part.

On the next spread I attached a chocolate wrapper onto the page as a pocket and put a tag into it.

On the other page I made another pocket out of a journal card and put a message that we‘ve received on that day into it.

I also attached one of the little charms that I’ve made out of the chipboard sticker to the little fox tag.

I love to attach tip ins onto my journal pages. I just love to have something to open up if I‘m reading my journal again in the future.

On this tip in, I stapled two of the vellum snowflakes from the pocket memory keeping kit. 

On the last spread for today, I also attached a tip in but I decorated it differently.

I added a shaped tab onto it. You can easily make a shaped tab out of the free printable images, because some of them are mirror printed to the others.

And the other thing that I love to attach to my tip in is this little charm made out of chipboard stickers or puffy stickers.

That’s it for today. I hope you like all the ideas.

Thank you so much for stopping by 

I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and see you next time.




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