2020: Remember the Good

Hi lovely people!

It’s Rachel here, and somehow we’ve made it to (nearly) the end of 2020 – I feel like that deserves a medal, or an award, or at least an hour spent doing something that you love, right?! (Like planning…with Cocoa Daisy kits…)

I decided to take a look back through my Daisy Dori journals from this year as a way of reflecting on the year and making sure I remember the good. Looking for the positive, whilst acknowledging that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, is a habit which I’ve been cultivating for several years, and taking the time to reflect on a whole year has been a feature of my December for the past few years too.

I’ve filmed a whole flip through my box of journals so grab a brew, get comfortable and relax for a bit – I hope you enjoy a look back at 2020 with me!

Until next time lovely people, take care, and enjoy your planning!

Rachel xxx

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