Can It Really Be Done? Simple Journaling in Your Planner!

Can It Really Be Done? Simple Journaling In Your Planner! 

Hello beautiful people!  I wanted to talk about journaling and planning, combining the two mediums in a way that makes it simple and stress free- using the Cocoa Daisy Kits!!

I have been part of the planning community since my second daughter was born around 2013! It’s been a long road for me to finally find my current planner peace. If you’re in the community, you can understand the struggle of switching planners, switching mediums, switching the pens and ephemera and your planner style many times before settling into a planner that works for you…until you switch again! 

I also love journaling daily, but felt that having several different books to be in was a little much for me and my busy schedule. So when I switched into the Stalogy 365 notebook, and when I received my first ever Cocoa Daisy Kit New Beginnings, I decided to combine my love of planning & journaling in the same book. And let me tell you, it’s been life changing for me for several different reasons. Let me explain: 

First, I no longer have to feel conflicted on which book to bring outside of my house. Do I need my planner? Or can I take my journal when I’m in waiting rooms, car lines, waiting for my husband to get out of the grocery store? Now, I have the freedom to take both! 

Second, the amazing Cocoa Daisy Kits really conform to anything you want to do with them! They are so versatile, fun and themed oriented throughout all their different kits, it makes it so fun to mix and match their stickers, papers, and ephemera! 

Third, my brain tends to think on several different levels at one time. If you’re a Mama, or just busy in general, you probably have several different tasks, thoughts, to-do’s all at once! Having everything in one book, you are sure to make sure you have all of it in one place. I often refer to my planner/journal book as my brain to my kids. They laugh, but they also are old enough now to understand! If it’s important, it goes in the book. And it’s so fun to see the journal entries that correspond to the planning day. If I don’t write a large amount in my journal, but I have a picture to look back on, I can always refer to the planner to see what was done that day! For me, it’s been a win-win situation. 

So there ya have it. My personal reasons on why I love planning and journaling in one book. This Cocoa Daisy Kit of New Beginnings also allowed me to streamline my idea into a beautiful creation! Now everything is going to be uniform for every month of the year! 


Here, I am using a dashboard that is laminated for our dinner menu for the week during the month of January. It’s a perfect way to conserve and reuse the beautiful dashboards in the Kits! 

Also, Here I slap on some stickers on both my journal page and my planning page that goes with the memory keeping kit! I also added some diecuts as well! 

I hope this helps you see that planning and journaling are what you make it. It’s so easy to get caught up in what the popular items are when you’re searching for the perfect fit. There’s not a one size fits all, or a one planner fits all. Sometimes, just being content in what works for that moment and switching when you so choose to, can be planner peace in and of itself! 

See you over on Instagram and over on Youtube a sI share my love for Cocoa Daisy, planners and journals! 


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