Using Pocket Cards In My Planner + Video

Hi everyone.

Tanti here. Hope you are all doing well.

Have you taken a closer look at the new modern memory keeping kit?

I’ve subscribed to the pocket memory keeping kit all these years but I must say that I love the upgraded version of it.

One of the reasons why I subscribe to this kit is because I love using the pocket cards that come with it.

These cards are very versatile. You can use them not only for journaling but you could also use them in your planner. 

Today I’m going to share how I used them in my planner.

First of all, I used them as a dashboard by putting some of the cards into a clear folder. 

I made this folder myself. If you are a TN user and you want to make it your own, 

I have a tutorial video for you at the end of this blog post.

This month I used one of the pocket cards to decorate my cover as shown in the picture below.

Every month, I covered up the calendar that was printed on the first page of my TN planner. Because it’s too small for my purpose.

So, I‘d rather create it myself.

The 3“ x 4“ pocket cards are the perfect item to use to cover the calendar up.

Some of them have wonderful quotes and some of them have pretty prints.

They are very decorative to cover up something. I often used them for this purpose in the past and I did it this month too.

Next, I always attached the calendar card onto my weekly spread as shown in the picture below. It makes it easier for me to plan each week.

Sometimes I just attached one of the pocket cards between two pages and decorated it.

Just to make the spread looks even more prettier.

You can also laminate it and use it to take a quick note or make a quick list and reuse the card by using a non permanent marker to write on it.

I sometimes do this because I have bad handwriting and I use this card to pre plan, so that I don’t mess up on my planner.

I used the 4“ x 6“ card to create an interactive element on one of my weekly spreads.

Since the last week of January will be stressful for me, I need something to cheer me up every time I open this spread.

So I’ve created this pop up element.

Well, that’s all for today. 

I hope you like the ideas.

If you have any questions, just write it in the comment below or tag me in the facebook group.

Thank you so much for stopping by and see you soon.



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