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Hello everyone!! Here we are, the second month of 2021! It’s so hard to believe, isn’t it? January did feel a bit long, but at the same time it feels like it was just Christmas. I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe!

Like I talked about in my last post, I have switched up my planning system this year. I am still using an Erin Condren for home planning (so my husband and kids can keep up with our schedule) and then my EDC is my Wonderland222 planner. I have used it non-stop since November and it’s just been perfect. Don’t get me wrong, there are times I miss my rings, but this planner has checked every box I need for this phase of my life.

In this post, I want to share with you how I use the different sticker kits to plan and decorate in two different planners. I use pieces from the same kit in both planners, mix and match, you name it. It’s amazing how flexible Cocoa Daisy is and how it can look good in any planner!

For reference: my Erin Condren planner is the standard 7×9 hourly life planner. My Wonderland222 is b6 size. From what I understand, it is a different size (height and width) than a b6 stalogy – but I’ve read that it is a true b6 size, whereas the Stalogy is actually a little bigger than it’s supposed to be. I’m not 100% positive on the accuracy of that statement, but I read it in a post from someone who has used both. Either way – that gives you an idea on the two different sizes I’m planning in.

I’m going to just share with you pictures of my plans from several different angles, and share with you the kits that I used in each! So it’ll be a picture heavy post, but it’ll give a great overview of the flexibility of the kits.

The first picture is of my Erin Condren monthly overview. I usually keep it pretty simple. I use some date dots and then cover the blank days with washi or pretty stickers. This month I used the date dots from the Traveler’s Notebook Memory Keeping Sticker Kit, and I layered the blue stripe washi from the Planner Classified kit  and then the floral washi from the Planner Kit over it.

Here’s a view of my monthly in my W222. This is a mix of several different kits.The date dots are from the Planner Add On kit . So is the skinny blue washi at the very top, as well as the days of the week stickers. The side bar down the left side is actually from the Daisy Weeks Calendar kit The Icon and holiday stickers are both from the Planner Sticker Sheet which is sold individually in the shop, and it’s also part of the Planner Kit every month. 

Here’s a close up of the Daisy weeks calendar sidebar in my W222. Remember, this is a b6 planner. This sidebar is two stickers, and it fits perfectly in here! I usually list important monthly things there in the bottom sticker.

Here is my weekly layout in my Erin Condren. I don’t use the same layout and setup every week – it depends on what my plans are and what all I need written down. But as you can see in this layout, I used a mix of functional and decorative stickers from several different kits!

The full box stickers on the sidebar are from the Classic Planner kit, So are the “To Do” headers. I layered the two blue washis (the stripe on the bottom from the Planner Classified kit and the dots on the top from the Planner Add on kit) to cover the dates at the top. I then used the date stickers to date my week, and they are from the Planner kit. The “to call” headers are from the new Bible Journaling Kit. 

Another close up of the full box sticker from the Classic Planner sticker kit, with a vellum sticker layered over it. It’s from the Classic kit as well.  The trash can is from the Daisy weeks sticker kit.

I love using the clear vellum stickers to add color and decor to white space in my planner. It adds a pop of color without completely covering the white space! It keeps the sense of open-ness that I love in my planner! This vellum sticker is from the Classic Planner sticker kit  

This is another week in my Erin Condren. As you can see, for this week I changed out my date headers. This week, I used the large decorative day of the week stickers – it’s so cute to change it up like this! I love that these fun days of the week stickers have been included in recent kits. They’re oversized and soooo much fun! These are from the Planner Classified kit.  I also used the date stickers to the left to mark the dates. These are from the Planner kit. The large round scalloped sticker, the florals underneath, and the flag full box sticker are all from the Add On Sticker kit. The washi is the skinny washi from the Planner Add On. 

Moving on to my W222 planner. You’ll recognize a lot of kits from up above listed in these pictures as well!

The days of the week stickers are from the Planner Add on Kit, and they fit perfectly with the date stickers from the Bible journaling kit. I loved how this looks so much that I did my entire month in this setup.

I fill some white space with vellum stickers in here too! This beautiful flag is from the Classic Sticker kit.

I love these jumbo trash can stickers! This is from the Planner Sticker Sheet. I alternate these- sometimes I put them in my W222, sometimes I put them in my EC!

This weekend sticker banner is in the Classic Sticker kit. I LOVE that the Classic sticker kit comes with four weekend banners – I use every single one of them!

One of my favorite ways to decorate my W222 is to layer washi on the bottom, with stickers from the Daisy weeks kit over top. It gives color to the bottom of my weekly spread while still giving me plenty of weeks to plan. I usually alternate my washi depending on what the sticker looks like – I like to contrast them.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I edge my entire month with washi from the current kit. This is a great way to differentiate between the months and makes it super easy to flip to. I always pick my favorite washi for the month, and you know how much I love this floral, so it was such an easy decision! This washi came in the Planner kit, but any washi would work, because they are all totally gorgeous!

There you have it! That’s how I manage to use about five different sticker kits in two different planners. I feel like if you didn’t know that they were different kits, you would think that each of those were made for the specific planner I have them in – they work that perfectly! Even if something doesn’t fit exactly from edge to edge, the ability to layer things, add decorative elements, etc, makes it all look so cohesive and intentional, while still giving me plenty of space for the functional planning I need. It all works so well together, and I love that it gives me more than enough to plan for an entire month – it keeps both my planners looking colorful and gorgeous all month long!

Do you only use kit specific stickers in your planner, or do you mix and match like I do? What’s your favorite creative hack you’ve found on how to adapt a sticker kit to use in your planner? Share your thoughts and tips below! And as always, come find me over on Instagram and Youtube so we can keep sharing the Cocoa Daisy love!

Until next month Daisies!



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