Treetop Canopy March 2021 Planner Set-Up

I love setting up my Cocoa Daisy planner each month and March 2021 is no exception! The lovely artwork from Linouspots combined with a wonderful color palette has me ready for springtime. To start with, I stuffed my front pocket full of Cocoa Daisy goodies from the Treetop Canopy kits as well as from kits from the past. The embroidered animals look so adorable tucked into the pocket and surrounded by peachy bow clips from October of 2019 and March of 2020. I added a punched piece of paper from the Travelers Notebook Memory Keeping kit and my front pocket was done.

I love dismantling the Daisy Dori booklet by cutting it down the center and using the pages for my weekly spreads. I love the variety of having a spread that looks different each week. For my first week of March, I chose this blue and green spread that just shouts that spring has arrived. The colors are so peaceful and beautiful and I can’t wait to use this spread to plan my week. I use a combination of the stickers from the Daisy Add-On sticker kit, the Classic sticker kit, the Planner sticker kit as well as stickers that I create and print/cut myself.

My planner isn’t complete without a page devoted to washi and the washi from Treetop canopy is just so pretty! I added in the washi from March of 2020 (the horizontally striped one), which matched perfectly, and topped it all off with a pocket card from March 2020 as well. I love that you can go back to old kits and use up items that you didn’t use the first time around. My cute bow on this page is from the Serengeti collection from July of 2020.

Each week, I create a dashboard to help keep my life moving smoothly. The navy alpha stickers from the Daisy Add-On sticker kit are perfect for my page header here. I’m so excited that these stickers include numbers, which gives them so much versatility. And having a master to-do list and a space to menu plan is critical for me to keep up with the mundane tasks of my life. I’m so happy that even my everyday to-dos can look so adorable with Cocoa Daisy.

A daily to-do list is a must-have for me in my planner. And having a page marker so that I can easily navigate to my “today” page helps me to be efficient with my planner. Each month, I print page markers onto printable transparency film and laminate them. I used the free printable this month to remind me to mind my own business! Lol, this isn’t really an issue that I have but the llama just makes me laugh and that’s a great thing to see each day. As you can see in this photo, I did decide to use the pen from March of 2020 because while the pen for Treetop Canopy is gorgeous, it didn’t look so great with my boldly green planner. So I am taking it to work and using it on my desk there this month.

This dashboard is a redo of a dashboard that I first created in May of 2020. It’s such an easy and quick layout and I love the way it looks. I took washi and placed it on white cardstock and then cut strips with a notch on each end. I dismantled the tropical leaf paperclip from the Serengeti collection to add a little extra here. Have I mentioned how much I love these colors? My kitchen in a previous house was the exact same color as this planner. I loved when people walked in for the first time. The responses were usually something along the line of, “I would never have thought to paint a kitchen this color but it looks great.” Sometimes the response was, “I could never live with a color that bold.” which I totally understand. But I loved that kitchen and I love the colors in this month’s collection.

My monthly spread really isn’t something that I refer back to for dates and times. I really just use this and a visual reminder of the things that happened during the month. Using the Cocoa Daisy sticker kits makes my month look like so much fun! I really like using the stickers that come with the Planner kit that have the holidays for the month on my monthly spread.

I wanted to do a little zoom-in photo of this monkey with the tropical leaves because this is my favorite die cut of the entire kit. I will admit that I have a little bit of a phobia about frogs so I pretty much steered clear of the frogs this month, but there was such much cuteness everywhere else, that I didn’t miss them, for sure!

And lastly, I used a cut file of a doily on white cardstock to create this simple dashboard. I love how it turned out over the wood print paper with the tribal markings.

If you would like to see more of my planner, please take a few moments and check out my YouTube video and if you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them. Thanks for checking out my blog post and I’ll be back to talk about my next planner soon!









    Your work is so beautiful and inspiring.

    • Julie Deal Mooney

      Thanks so much Shavonne! I’m so glad you enjoyed it.


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