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Hello Daisies !

I hope you are all OK. This month I wanted to talk to you about my Memory keeping system for 2021. I stole the idea from Kristine who was in the Design Team last year. She posted a flip through on the Facebook group in December  and I knew I wanted to do something related.

It’s inspired by vertical planning. That’s really fun, because it helps to have a quite minimalist design (I love minimalism, but I’m really bad to do that). But also, it makes me using the boxes that are in several sticker kits : I have the sticker kit and the classic sticker kit each month for more than a year, but I never used the boxes before (or a very few of those). Now, I use them all ! It also allows me to use the date stickers sheet that is in the main planner kit.


So, let’s have a look !

First, I print pages with boxes for the month (9 boxes on one side, 6 on the other)


Then, I put some washi tape on the side of my page (same washi than on my other pages of the month)


Then, I use my “mushroom puncher” in order to be able to put the discs.


The next step consists in stamping the number of the week. I use the skinny alpha stamp that was avalaible in January (and is still avalaible !).


Then, I print my pictures of the week : one or two picture per day. I ajust the size to the size of my boxes when I make my file. I use classic paper and classic printer for this.


After that, I cut my pictures. I use a ruler, in order to be able to ink the side of the pictures.


Inking the side of the pictures is the next step in the process. This month, I chose a green ink.


Then, I glue my picture on my page, and let some space between “days”.


In those spaces, I put the sticker boxes from classic sticker kit and planner sticker kit. On the first picture of each day, I put a sticker for the number of the day (from sheet included in main planner kit).


My final step, is to add some decorative stickers, in order to finish my page… et voilà !


I use this pattern each week, and really like kit, because it’s simple, and also because it isn’t time consuming at all (maybe 15min per week) !

I hop you enjoyed this blog. How do you do memory keeping in your planner ?

Have a good month !



  1. Rachel Newman

    Oh my gosh, I absolutely LOVE this!!!

  2. Rachel Newman

    Oh my gosh, I absolutely LOVE this!!!

    • paulineboubals

      thank’s !

  3. Tayrina

    What a great idea! It’s beautiful!

    • paulineboubals

      Thank’s a lot !

  4. Laurence

    Merci pour ce pas à pas !
    Le résultat est magnifique ? !!!

    • paulineboubals

      Merci beaucoup ! Et ravie que ce soit utile !

  5. dioneshep

    love it! what printer do you use to get pics so vibrant?

    • paulineboubals

      hello, I use a simple printer, with normal paper (no photographic stuff)


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