Completed March Dori – A Look Back

This month I used the standard size dori to document various areas of my life. The first two pages were used to document a daily thankful thought, or gratitude. The next set of pages were used to keep track of people on my prayer list. Next, I used two more pages to list my 2021 goals and my March goals. I’ve also been including a two page spread for self-care each month. Then, the bulk of my pages were used to complete the March 2021 Cocoa Daisy Journal Challenge prompts. Ten pages were dedicated to note taking during church and small group. I used up the last few pages to document things my son did and just some very general memory keeping. Having all these areas in one book has been so convenient for me! Take a closer look at each area below!


Section 1: Daily Gratitude

Daily gratitude is always a part of my system – either in my planner or in my journal. This month, I chose to add this page to my journal setup. I used the alpha stickers to make a header and some exclusive date flags from Linou’s Pots. Each day, I take the time to write down something I’m thankful for. Some days it’s big things, sometimes it’s small things! The clear stickers in the Memory Keeping Sticker Kit added a nice pop of decoration and a reminder to be positive!

Section 2: Prayer List

Due to confidentiality, I’m sharing a before picture. I used some of the stickers to decorate and then just jotted down people I wanted to pray for throughout the month.

Section 3: 2021 Goal Recap Check-In and March Goals

It’s very helpful for me to revisit my 2021 goals each month. I simple list them out and reflect on my progress for the month. I also make goals specific to the month and list those out as well. That “Toucan Do It” sticker was perfect for this page!

Section 4: Self-Care

Each month, I look at 8 domains of self-care and rank myself on a scale of 1 to 10 in each area. (physical, psychological, emotional, social, financial, spiritual, environmental and professional) I do this each month and compare my progress to the month before. If I rank myself low in an area, it gives me something to focus on for the month.

Section 5: Cocoa Daisy Journal Challenge

Cocoa Daisy has been offering a monthly journal challenge each month. If you’d like to join in for this month, it’s not too late! Print your prompts off here!


Section 6: Note Taking

Note taking is so easy for me with this system! I grab a sticker and write the date at the top, and then start jotting notes. When I’m back at my desk or at home, I sometime go back and add sticker for decoration. My favorite way to do this is to use the Bible Journaling Sticker Kit.

Section 7: Memory Keeping

A great way to add some memory keeping to your lineup is to document just a few favorite memories each month. For me, if I try to do a spread for every single day of the month, I get overwhelmed and don’t have the time to dedicate to such an undertaking. With the Modern Memory Keeping Kit and the Traveler’s Notebook Memory Keeping Kit , you can do so many different things. You’ll have enough product to create multiple spreads, or, like me, just a few of your favorites! Of course, the memory keeping kits coordinate with the planner kits, so I have no wasted product; I simply add in the memory keeping items in my planner!

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  1. Suzanne Foose

    Thanks for the great explanations. I am new here and changing over to the Cocoa Daisy way. This has given me some good ideas of how to implement the things I currently put in the journal I’m using. I love the simplicity of your design pages here.


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