First Quarter Review – Faith Journal

Hi lovely people!

With the first quarter of the year almost gone, I wanted to take the time to look back at this year’s new addition to my planning and journaling stack – a Hobonichi Mega Weeks. I’ve been using this for a specific purpose – a faith journal.

The Daisy Weeks Sticker Kit and the Calendar Daisy Weeks Sticker Kit are designed to work with the Hobonichi Weeks, and also the Daisy Weeks inserts too (these have three months in each one though – and I wanted to have the whole year in one place to look back at). I’ve been using these to set up my monthly and weekly pages, and I’ve also been using them to pre-decorate some of the notes pages at the back of the Weeks too. I have also been using the new Bible Journaling Sticker Kit which launched in January this year to add to my pages here and there – most of those stickers are used in my main planner or journal though!

Let’s have a look through my 2021 Weeks so far…

One of my favourite little things this year is seeing the yearly calendar page fill up with the MTWTFSS stickers from the kit – it’s fun seeing the colour palettes change and I’m looking forward to the whole year being completed!

Each month, I also choose a scripture writing plan – I especially like those over at Sweet Blessings – and I write the prompts in on the monthly view page. I then use the right hand page of the weekly view to write down the Scripture for each day. I aim to do this around 5-6 times a week, depending on what’s going on. Unexpected things happen, and I know that if I intended to do every single day, I’d be setting myself up to fail. Choosing grace over perfection ahead of time helps me to keep my focus where it needs to be – deepening my relationship with Jesus; rather than where it shouldn’t be – myself.

I have been doing the 1000 Gifts Joy Dare from Ann Voskamp for the past 7 years now. I found it after reading her book, ‘One Thousand Gifts’, and it has been part of my planner/ journal in some form or another ever since. This year, I decided to use the Hobonichi Weeks to list my daily gratitude, according to the prompts that Ann put together – she likens it to a treasure hunt every day, and whilst I tend to write mine first thing in the morning, it definitely does make me focus on the good. I start my day by spending time with God, as often as I can. I’m not perfect, by any means(!), but around 5-6 days a week begin with me in a comfy armchair, Bible open, Weeks open, fountain pen in hand – and my family know that that this time is precious and to wait before asking where their school uniform/ keys/ phone/ books are!

The final part of the Weeks, and particularly in the Mega Weeks, is the notes section at the back. I’ve often been apprehensive about using the notes pages in a dated planner because I’d worry what would happen if I ran out – but then, by never using them, I never got the full benefit of the planner anyway! (Can anyone else relate to this?!)

I’m using the notes pages for sermon notes, longer personal journaling which won’t fit in my personal Daisy Dori, and for daily reading notes. I started an excellent book about 5 weeks ago by Dr Caroline Leaf, a Christian neuroscientist, called ‘Switch On Your Brain Every Day’, and it really is helping me to change how I think – I cannot recommend it highly enough! I find that I best take in what I’ve read when I make notes on it, so that’s exactly what I’m doing in the back of the Weeks. And if I run out of pages? Well – I’ll have a book full of Scripture, notes and insight which is a fabulous reference to go back to. Plus, I get to choose another notebook then too!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at my Hobonichi Weeks and how I’m using it as a faith journal.

Have a fab rest of the day,

Rachel xx

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  1. Mary Hickory

    Love everything you do, Rachel. This is just so beautiful!

    • Rachel Blundell

      Thank you!


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