Product focus : Dashboards

Dashboards are one of my favorite kits. They aren’t expansive and you can do so much with those !

In this blog post I will show you how I used some of this month dashboards, and will make some other suggestions.


Each month, I like to use a dashboard to finish the month, in order to make a transition with the next one :

I also like to use them as decorations, and to write on the other side. When I feel it appropriated, I add some decoration, with a preference for stamps. This month’s MK stamps were so perfect for that !!! This is a close-up…

And a more general view. Like the other pages of my planner, I add some washi tape on the side, in other to be able to see which month is it, in just one look.


Like I said, I like to write on the other side of my dashboards. Here is the one you saw on the 2 precedents pictures, and I made my “shipping page” on the other side, using heart boxes from classic sticker kit and planner sitcker kit. I also added an other A5 dashboard from the kit.

For a few months now, there is always a dashboard you can write on. I use it every month for my currently page.

I like to use the personal size of the same dashboard in my doggy planner, in order to write my monthly goals. I also add an other one of the same size. It decorate my page and allows me to have more space for pictures and comment. I just “glue” the dashboard with a piece of washi tape.

When I planned with standard dori, I used all my personal dashboards in this manner, it was more space for journaling. I also like to use the personal dashboards as postcards for my loved ones (sometimes I add decoration, but not always).

This is the same page, but with the dashboard opened.

I also use the “monthly” A5 dashboard in my doggy planner, as the first page of the month.

To finish, I select an A5 dashboard each month as a decoration for my desk. I change it every month. That said, I have similar frames in various place of my home, with my favorite dashboards and quotes.

NB : you can see an older dashboard on the side. I laminated it and write on it with erasable markers, so I can write on it again and again.


I hope I gave you some ideas to use both sizes of the dashboard kit. Sometimes I also fussy cut them and use them as decorations for my pages. But I didn’t this month. I think you know that, but if you want more informations about how to use items from kits, you can join all of us on the Cocoa Daisy fan facebook group

Happy planning !!!

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