How to : month view with calendar sticker kit

Hello Daisies !


I hope you are all OK. Today, I will show you how I make a month view with calendar sticker kit, some decorated papers and some littles elements.


1/ Here are the things you will need to make your page : calendar sticker kit, some decorated paper (from main planner kit), a stencil (or a ruler), a pen, some stamps (+ acrylic pad and ink), a cutter, some washi tape, some die cuts & stickers


2/ Cut the paper to the right size. I am in A5 disk, so it’s easy 😀 (but you can do it with any size, even in a dori)


3/ As I am in disk, I make the holes at this point, so I’m sure I won’t write or glue anything to this place.


4/ For the same reason, I add some washi tape on the side of my pages just after that.


5/ I add the month sticker from the calendar sticker kit as my next step.


6/ This step is the longest. I use my stencil to trace the calendar. I choose to just trace the right numbers of days.


7/ I add some stickers and die cut, from the calendar stickers kit, but also from main planner and add-on kits.


8/ I add some stamping to complete my page


9/ I add more stickers above stamping, in order to have more “deep” on my page


10/ I add days and days numbers on the page. As the calendar sticker kit is designed for a week booklet, I cut the stickers with scissors


11/ Et voilà ! The page is finished and ready in my doggy’s planner ! <3



I hope this short blog post will inspire you for a creative monthly page and realize that even if weeks and calendar stickers kits are designed for weeks, they work great in all sizes of planners ! Please show me your creations in the Cocoa Daisy Facebook group 🙂

Happy planning !!




  1. Sue Foose

    Can you tell me where you got your calendar stencil from/what brand it is? Also, wondering how the VersaFine ink pad differs from other ink pads. There are so many different inks I find it very confusing!

    Thanks for your great blog.


    • paulineboubals

      My stencil was from a french store. I think the brand is Hema or Toga (I have it for many many years).
      For the inks, I’m not a specialist. I use versafine onyx black for black, as it doesn’t makes a lot of gosthing on the other side of the page (with the paper I use), and I can use my watercolor pens on the same page (I usually use them first, but with some inks it’s anyway a problem). Also it drys quickly and provides great details.
      For the colors, I use memento dew drop as they are cheap, dry quickly and are great to ink the side of my pictures.
      I can’t help with “how to choose an ink”, it’s just personal experiments with my ways of planning.


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