Setting Up My Weekly Planner

One of my favorite times each week is setting up my planner pages.

Follow along and join me as I set up this week using the Beautiful Tranquility Kits.

Which Washi?

One of the first things I do is lay down some Washi.  I have three rolls to choose from which came in the the Planner Kit, Planner Add On Kit, and the Classified: Planner Edition Kit.

Feature Full Boxes

I like to add a feature layered full box sticker from the Classic Sticker Kit to decorate one side of my weekly spread.  To finish it off I border the boxes with a dashed line.

Tab Sticker Dash Box

Another feature I like to add to my pages are tab boxes.  Using one of the Tab Stickers from the Planner Sticker Sheet, dashed lines and decorative stickers.

The Weekend

This weekend I have a fun Walk and Shopping Trip planned with my Sister and Sunday Family Dinner.  So I will separate  the weekend space using stickers and  dashed lines.

Decorate It

Time to decorate this week with Stickers and Die Cuts from the Planner Kit, Planner Add On KitClassic Sticker Kit and the Classified: Planner Edition Kit. I really enjoy finding the right sticker for the right place on the page.

Fill It In

Turning before to after the pen – Adding in the details for the week is my last step in this weeks initial setup. And this months Daisy Pen from the Planner Kit is just so pretty, it’s perfect for all my planner entries. I have left space to plan as I go to add in more details as the week progresses.

Weekly Planner Setup Video

See how it all comes together in this start to finish Weekly Planner Setup video.


Thank you for joining me and please share your Weekly Planning spreads on the Cocoa Daisy Fans Facebook Group, as I would love to see what you come with.








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