Behind the Scenes with arleigh | February 2018 edition

Hey there, Daisy people.

I wanted to share a funny realization I had when we were finalizing the March peacock design way back in November.

Sometimes we get to a point where we’re trying out different ideas, and Christine is replying with edits and suggestions or “Love it!” —which is Christine-language for “approved!”

For the March designs, Valeria and I collaborated on the peacock artwork, then I put everything together into the planner and dori and some of the other products.

By the way, did you know we have a full team of graphic artists? Once the planner theme has been approved, then we send the artwork, fonts, and color scheme out to the other artists.

So I put together this peacock idea for the planner tab page and sent a screenshot of it to Christine.

This is the image I sent her:

Sometimes I want to keep looking at something I’ve been working on, so I make it my phone’s lock screen.

Here’s what the March Personal tab looks like on my lock screen:

And that’s when I realized I might have subconsciously designed our planner tab page text to mimic the iPhone lock screen.

On a related note: if you feel like the week-on-one-page looks a little like paint samples from the hardware store, crossed with a Pantone color card, then you’d be right.

So I took the text off the tab page and made that my lock screen. Here’s what that looks like:

The times don’t match up because I actually took the 9:23 image afterwards so I could show you.

I am going to share this same peacock image with you to use as your lock screen. This is only 660 pixels wide, which should be fine on most phones. (Also, if you want to print it, I wouldn’t go larger than 2” wide or it will look grainy.)

Right click (computer), control click (mac computer), or touch and hold (most phones) to save this image.