Behind the Scenes with arleigh | April 2018 edition

Hi CD people! By now you’ve gotten your lilac-­themed stuff or it’s on the way.

I want to tell you about The MK Effect. I met Cocoa Daisy’s Director of Customer Care & Operations Mary Kay (“MK”) many years ago at a twopeasinabucket Archivers crop. Translation: We met to scrapbook together in a local scrapbooking store after connecting online on a scrapbooking website. Actually, I think we had already met before that when we went to a Lil Davis demo. I could be wrong—I’m pretty scatterbrained about remembering details. This is the point in my story when my husband would roll his eyes because he hates digression. So anyway…

One of the great things about scrapping with people is getting their opinions on what you’re working on, and also getting ideas from what they’re working on. MK had, and I think still has, a thing about purple and green. I didn’t necessarily dislike purple and green together, but I couldn’t see myself using that color combination. And it got to the point where when I saw purple and green together, I immediately thought about MK. That’s The MK Effect.

Now, when Christine and I are working on the colors, if purple enters the scene, Christine has to go lie down on the settee with her smelling salts for a bit. (She doesn’t like purple much.) But I think MK has worn her down and every once in a while Christine allows purple in one of the themes. Over time, influenced by MK, I’ve learned to embrace the purple and green color combination. When we were figuring out April’s lilac theme, and realized it was going to be basically purple and green, we had to bring in a few other colors, like that pretty ivory off­-white, some pinks, and some blues (for the rain and clouds of course). But for the most part, it’s purple and green, which makes me think of Mary Kay. The MK Effect.

Do you love a color pairing that isn’t very popular? Or is there a color pairing that someone else likes and you just don’t get it? What is your favorite color of all time? Let me know with a comment! (My favorite is dark grey, by the way.)

P.S. Did you find hidden Simon in the planner and Dori?

Here he is in the planner on the notes page, and hidden in the foliage in the Dori, sporting a fancy Recycle shirt.


  1. jkoteles

    I’m really glad MK wore people down … because this lilac art (and all the purples and greens) is SO beautiful. I just love it. I am grateful for your creative work Arleigh!

    My favorite colors are all the shades of blue. Soft blue. Soft blue and ivory and soft yellow. Electric blue and silver. Soft turquoise and pink. Blue goes with everything. That’s my version of MK’s purple and green. BLUE!!!

  2. jkoteles

    Arleigh and Emily – I hope you see this comment …
    I want to ask you about a color for fall. What about a clear “wine” color pallet in November or something? It seems so right for that time of year … wine with white roses … or wine and white lace. If you needed accent colors … maybe a pretty green.

    (Just putting an idea out there…) 🙂

    • Emily Pitts

      I’ll pass this on to Christine 🙂

  3. andiwalsh

    I love the colors in the April kit! Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers, followed by peonies.

    I seem to change my favorite color combos. Right now I am on a yellow or pink with grey combo fest. And, most of my scrapbook layouts have a black or grey background.


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