How Sylvia Ramirez can inspire you today!

Black Formal DressesSometimes we find our guest designers amid the commenters on our Instagram posts. That’s how we found Sylvia Ramirez! We are honored to have her here working with our July scrapbooking kit, Summer Fields. We think you’ll find plenty of inspiration to work with as you start working with your own kits soon.

cocktail dresses

From Sylivia:
I’ve been scrapbooking for just about 15 years. It all started out when I was asked to attend a Creative Memories party, and well the rest is history. I began scrapbooking my kids, and now enjoy scrapbooking my grand kids as a way of memory keeping for them.
Been married (on 6/12) 42 yrs and been together … hold on, 46 yrs! And no, he does NOT mind my messy scrap room, or that it’s my birthday 6 times a month (aka my subscriptions)!!!

Be sure to visit Sylvia’s gallery, her work with the July kit is beautiful and heartfelt!

Here are some questions and answers to help you get to know our guest designer better.
1. Most creative time? I find only in the evenings, after work, dinner and on weekends when time permits.

2. How do you unwind? Scrapbooking, catching up on shows I DVR a mocha, or cold brew coffee does it for me. Years ago I loved counted cross-stitching, which was my hobby back in the day. Now stitching is a new addition to scrapbook layouts which I love!

3. What would you play if you were in a rock band? Definitely piano .. I took lessons for a while, loved it!

4. What’s your guilty pleasure? Baking.

5. Who would play you in a movie about your life? Meryl Streep of course, she’s a favorite of mine and she can play anything/anyone.

6. Favorite Accessory? No answer. 🙂

7. Title of your life as a novel? One Day at a Time.

8. First job? My first REAL job was at a bank, Union Bank .. but for the life of me I can’t remember how I landed that job! lol.

9. Bucket list? Right now retirement, retirement, retirement …

10. Dressed up? for me, just a nice comfy outfit .. usually something from the Loft.

Thank you for joining us for the July scrapbooking kit Sylvia!

You can find Sylvia on Instagram and Pinterest.


  1. Simone Schermann

    Oh! Thank you so much for finding her, Emily! Went to instagram and followed her right away!

  2. Sonja Shin

    Gorgeous designs! Thank you for sharing! Totally followed her on Instagram!


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