Guest Designer, Sarah Bargo

CD13-GuestDesigner_zps08561c43.pngWe’re happy to have the delightful Sarah Bargo with us this month. We actually found Sarah while perusing Pinterest one day, her fun and funky layering really caught our attention. It’s been a joy working with her and we hope you love what she’s done with the Sage & Mint collection this month! Please check out her gallery, it’s definitely full of inspiration!

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Here’s more about Sarah in her own words:

Well hello there paper peeps! My name is Sarah Bargo and I am soooo excited to be guesting this month, thank you so much for having me!! I am a full time workin mama of 2 awesome teenage boys that keep me hoppin and make me belly laugh everyday! I’ve been artsy fartsy for as long as I can remember, but I started technically scrapbooking when I was about to have my first son. I can remember walking into this new scrapbook store, seeing the rows and rows of pretty papers and decorative edged scissors… annnnnd about went into labor right there. I swear there were angels singing! And the rest as they say, is history. 😉 I scrapbook because I want to remember, I scrapbook because of the beautiful products that should have me put onto an episode of hoarders, and I scrapbook because if something ever happens to me I don’t ever want my boys to wonder how much I love and adore them.

xoxo Sarah
Pinterest: Sarah Bargo
Instagram: @sarahbargo
Facebook: Sarah Bargo

Happy Mothers Day

And her answers to our questionnaire made me smile.

1. Most Creative Time:
My most creative time and the creative time that I love the most is on a Saturday morning when I wake up to the sunshine streaming in my window, those happy rays dancing on my tables of supplies and pretty things, I’ve got nowhere to go, chillin in my jammies with my fresh cuppa coffee 😉 I used to be a night scrapper and stay up until the wee hours of the morning, but now if it’s past 8:30 at night I’m pretty much toast.. I swore that would never happen when I got older…. not really sure what happened…

2.Not sure if these are my all time faves songs/groups, but these are played pretty frequently from my Itunes:
a. I love the band Skillet! My fave songs by them are Monster, Awake & Alive, & the Last Night.
b. Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield
c.Your Love by The Outfield
d. Hallelujah by Heather Williams
e. Paradise by Coldplay

3. If I was in a Rock n Roll band, my job would be to first make the stage look boss and then to shake that cow bell like there’s no tomorrow. And then tell Bret Michaels to please stop texting me, jeez give it a rest dude.

4. Did I ever want to change my name? Hmmm I don’t think so but my middle name is Ann and I always woulda liked it to have an “e” on the end because it would look fancier 😉

5. If my life was a movie, I think Melissa McCarthy would definitely play me!

6. My favorite accessory would have to be a smile, girls are always prettier when they smile!

7. How do I cheer myself up? … Hmmm I’m usually cheerful anyway, but if I’m feeling down I reeeallly like to snuggle. With a glass of white zinfadel. Or milk & cookies.. but I’m not gonna lie, you can pretty much stick any food in front of me and I’m happy…

8. If I could have lunch with any 3 people in history:
a. Jesus- Because I love Him and He’s pretty much the most awesome being forever in the history of ever.
b. My boys- because I always miss them especially during the day when I’m at work ;(
c.Gerard Butler- because I love him and want to marry him for the love of everything holy would somebody please help me out here?!

9. If there was a food that would describe my style it would probably be lasagna? Cheesy with lotsa layers…
10. Dressed up for me would be a cute little dress and high heels, lotsa bling baby! Oh and Gerard hanging off my arm helping me walk in these darned heels…

Thanks for being our guest this month Sarah. 🙂

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