Bre Our Guest, Bre Our Guest (Designer)


You’ll have to excuse the bad play on words, but our May Guest Designer, Bre Canete, loves Disney (as you might guess when you look at her picture below), and I couldn’t resist when that line came to me just now. 🙂

Head Shot


Are you ready to be inspired? I hope so, because Bre did amazing things with both the May scrapbooking kit, Marrakesh, and our Day in the Life: May kits! Please take a few moments to find out a little more about her, then head click here to see her full gallery.

Hey everyone! My name is Breyana, but you can call me Bre for short. I live in sunny San Diego and I finished school as a Medical Assistant. After being at an OBGYN, I realized it was not for me. So I am back to square one and trying to major in Graphic Design. Two opposite majors, but I feel like being a graphic designer can help me create my own die cuts and cute scrapbooking supplies to use on my projects! I love Disney and I have been a Disneyland annual passholder for the past 5 years. Me and my other half try to go as much as we can when work and school doesn’t interfere! I make videos on YouTube and you will notice that most, if not all, are Disney related. I have been scrapbooking since the 6th grade and started to get into card making my freshman year of High School. Here and there I will paint on a canvas or in my old art journal, but I have been switching between scrapbooking and project life lately. I don’t document weekly for project life, it is more of a project mouse album. It includes all of my trips to Disneyland since I first became an annual passholder. I am so super excited to be here and can not wait to share my projects with every single one of you!


You can see more of my projects here:


Instagram: brebrescreations


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Here are Bre’s answers to our questionnaire:


My most creative time is during the day when there is natural light. I love how the light shines right over my desk without a glare from light bulbs and such. I work as early as 4 A.M and get out no later than 12. Latest I am out of school is 11:30 A.M with the rest online, so I try to squeeze in some crafting time before a nap and homework. I also love recording my process videos before the sun sets for better video lighting/picture taking.

I’m not much of a stickler when it comes to music, but I am a huge fan of the Old School/RNB and Old School/Rap genre. I will listen to anything really. I am a huge fan of Chris Brown, he comes first on the list. I for slow and upbeat songs, I would have to say Sam Smith and Lauryn Hill.

My job in a Rock N’ Roll band would be the lead singer because I love to sing!

I never really liked my name because for some odd reason, I felt like my signature can never go right because of the B, haha. But I never thought about changing it. It’s really hard to find items with my name on it because it is spelled differently than other Breyanas, but other than that, there isn’t much of a reason for me to change it!

If my life was a movie, the actress that would play me would be Angelina Jollie because of her adventurous and hectic side. AND she played Maleficent in the Disney movie Maleficent. So she’s perfect to play me!

My favorite accessory are my shoes, if that counts. I feel like it finishes off your outfit with a bang!

If my life were a novel, the title would be Believe.

I had my first job during my senior year of High School. I worked at Old Navy and I got it during the christmas season and was chosen to be one of the 20 out of 50 to be part time!

Food that would describe my style are donuts and ice cream or any desserts to be exact. (Sorry not food!) but I love using bright colors on my projects, especially mint, blush pink, and gold. With some wood grain and glitter in between. I love donuts, sprinkled donuts to be exact. So my creative style is more towards a donut. Start off with a blank canvas and sprinkle on some pixie dust to turn it into something pretty.

What is “dressed up” for me on the daily is casual wear. Jeans (ripped preferred), with a tank and cardi or a hoodie if it is cold. Shoes would be Nike or Jordans. Nike is my favorite. It is very rare to see me in heals.

Thanks so much for joining us to welcome Bre Canete as our May Guest Designer. We hope you’ll leave her some praise once you check out her gallery.