Get to know our November Guest Designer – Shannon Morgan

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We are thrilled to have Shannon Morgan on board at Cocoa Daisy this month, using the November Memory Keeping kits. Shannon’s beautiful layered and colorful style really made the November kits shine! Please check back soon for Shannon’s gallery (we’ll be adding more of her work throughout the month) and then get to know her a little bit better here on the blog.

human braiding hair

1. When is your most creative time? My most creative time is the middle of the day, I work best when my kids are at school..and after I’ve been properly caffeinated.
2. How do you unwind? I look on Instagram and try to catch up with Facebook, or reading. Always reading. I love reading.
3. If you were in a Rock N’ Roll band, what would your job be? I think I would be the rhythm guitar player, I can’t sing well so I would be happy just supplying the rhythm <3 and I think by default this means I would have fabulous hair, so I can’t beat that.
4. What is your guilty pleasure? Collecting LipSmacker Tsum Tsums and Eos lip balms…it borders on hoarding.
5. If your life was a movie, what actress would play you? Molly Shannon
6. What’s your favorite accessory? My St. Benedict wood bead bracelet.
7. If your life were a novel, what would the title be? In my bubble I live in? Anne of Green Gables, in reality? Something ridiculous and dysfunctional like, This is Where I Leave You.
8. What was your first job and how did you get it? I worked for our local veterinarian all through high school. I wanted to go to school to be a vet, so our vet, being the awesome man he was, offered me a job.
9. Share three of your bucket list items with us.

  • Visit Assisi, Italy
  • visit Rome
  • meet Bill Murray (because I am pretty sure I am meant to be one of his best friends).

10. What is “dressed up” for you? Well, I don’t wear skirts or dresses…ever..I live in obnoxious t-shirts, jeans and Converse…so dressed up for me is not wearing an obnoxious shirt with my jeans and Converse. Ha!

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Thank you for being our guest Shannon!

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