Most days you can find Angie Pond on the front porch with coffee. You can find her here in February.

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Please join us in welcoming Angie Pond to our Cocoa Daisy family in February. We invited Angie to guest design with us this month because we loved her bright and colorful style, it’s perfect for the rich colors of our February Shine Bright Memory Keeping kits. Her ability to layer and add just the right amount of details is inspiring. Please check out her gallery, it will be filling throughout the month. You’ll also want to keep reading and find out more about Angie.

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I’m Angie Pond from Princeton, North Carolina. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 20 years. We have two amazing sons, an ornery cat, and a cute but mischievous dog (WHO HAPPENS TO BE THE FEATURE OF ANGIE’S FIRST CD PROJECT)! I’ve been scrapbooking for 20 years and I love sharing my hobby with others. I also enjoy photography, traveling, reading and drinking coffee on my front porch.Oscar Dresses


1. My most creative time is when my family is away from home or sleeping. I hope that doesn’t make me sound like a horrible person! I just need my ‘me time’ to get the creative juices flowing!!!
2. I unwind with a good cup of coffee. I love when I can enjoy that coffee on a warm, sunny day while sitting on my front porch.
3.  If I was in a Rock ‘n Roll band, my job would be the band photographer. C’mon–how fun would that be?? Imagine all the pictures you would take of your bandmates and their adoring fans!!
4. I have no guilt over the pleasures of life!! I do admit to indulging in Starbucks quite often but there is no guilt at all!! Life is short. Enjoy the things that make you happy!!
5. If my life was a movie, Melissa McCarthy would play me. She is hilarious, strong, beautiful and curvy in all the right places!! Sounds just like me!! 😉 At least *I* think I’m hilarious. My teenager may disagree!!
6. My favorite accessory is my camera or at least the camera on my phone. In my family, I’m always the one that people depend on to take the pictures and I’m perfectly ok with that!
7.  If my life was a novel, the title would be “Still Standing.”
8.  My first job was at a local McDonald’s. My mom was one of the managers so she may have helped me out a little.
9.  Three of my bucket list items are to visit Hawaii, take my son to Italy and to own a 64 Mustang!
10.  Dressed up to me is being in something other than my work clothes or pajamas!


  1. A Pond

    Hey! I know her and I like her already!! 😉

    • Simone Schermann

      Hahaha. Angie!

  2. christine

    to cute, love your art.


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