When colorful hair is the only accessory you need. Meet our March guest designer, Heather Little!


What a treat to have the enthusiastic Heather Little as our March guest designer using the Silver Lining Memory Keeping kits (there are a few left in the store, get yours today!). Heather has a playful style and it really shines as she created with our kits this month. Please check out her gallery and be sure to comment! We’ve asked her to answer some questions and share her social media links with us so you can be inspired by her whenever you need a boost!

Hello everyone! My name is Heather, I am 30 years young and am a wife and mother. I am married to my high school sweetheart who is truly my best friend! I have been scrapbooking since I was about 12 when my grandmother bought me a scrapbooking kit for Christmas, I have been hooked ever since! I got serious about it once my daughter was born and my husband got deployed. It was a creative outlet for me. I love creating and sharing my passion with others and encouraging people to be memory keepers. It is so important to me to take photos and make sure our memories are documented! I am so excited to have this opportunity to be guest designing for Cocoa Daisy this month and I can’t wait to share what I create!

613 blonde lace wigs

1. When is your most creative time?
During the week while my daughter is at school. My husband travels for work and the weekends are our family time!

2. How do you unwind?
I like to watch a good movie or binge watch a show on the couch while I create scrapbooking sketches on my iPad!

3. If you were in a Rock N’ Roll band, what would your job be?
I would say lead singer because I’m a leader, but I wasn’t always that way!
4. What is your guilty pleasure?
Ice cream for sure! Red velvet is my favorite and if I could I would eat it all the time!
5. If your life was a movie, what actress would play you?
Even though we look nothing alike, I would have Julia Roberts play me! She can be serious but she is hilarious too!
6. What’s your favorite accessory?
My HAIR! lol… I don’t accessorize really at all… My hair does it all for me! This is another way I let my creativity shine through, I have been pink, purple, blonde, red, black, brown and have had some aqua in my hair and I love the way it makes me feel!
7. If your life were a novel, what would the title be?
I would have to use my Youtube channel name Heather’s Crafty Life because I craft so much… I also crochet!
8. What was your first job and how did you get it?
I was a hostess at a restaurant. I got it when I was 16 and my mom knew the owner.
9. Share three of your bucket list items with us.
Go to Paris for sure, eat sushi in Japan, and go to Creativation!

10. What is “dressed up” for you?
I don’t get dressed up much, but when I do I like to go all out! Dress, heels, hair wigs curled, and makeup done.

Thanks for joining us this month Heather!

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