April 2018 Planner Guest Designer | Moon Hulsman

Guess what? In April we had our very first guest designer for the Planner kits. And we loved seeing what Moon Hulsman created with them. Here is a little roundup of all the things she created this past month, come and read what she has to say about herself:

My name is Moon and I live in The Netherlands, I have been in my fifties for some years and now that the kids are growing older there is more time to cuddle with my beloved papers and planners.”

I love to spend time on Instagram to get inspired by other planner girls and it is a great community for mailart, to trade and share washi, tea and stationary.It is so interesting to get to know other people and other traditions all over the world by penpals.

“Mostly my style is clean and simple but if I make mail for my penpals I try to connect by what they like. I found most of my penpals by Instagram, it is great to swap some journal goodies and a bag of delicious tea with some mailart all over the world.”

“The most of all I love to journal in traveler’s notebooks, I love to make covers and inserts for them with all kinds of material, recycled magazines, old clothes etc and in this case from the pouch my Cocoa Daisy kit was packed in. I am a real recycler and I love it.”

“The most favorit items in my kit where of course my Daisy Dori, the clear acrylic block and the stamps ?, the stickers because they are so versatile and the washi, love washi. I’m grateful for the opportunity to play with the Cocoa Daisy kit this month.”

Here are Moon’s instruction to recreate a similar cover: “The cover was made by two pieces of sturdy paper (22×25 cm) . Cover one with the fabric of the pouch and the other with paper, just adhere them with some glue. Sew them together and make the five holes. Adhere elastic band trough the holes so you can stick your planner inserts. Of course you can make them any size you want, you can even make them a little wider for more or fat inserts if you want.”

Here is how she made the beautiful mail art: “Fold a letter and fold an envelope over it, stitch with three holes pamphlet stitch (or just staple) and adhere a project life card with washitape inside. Sew a button on the envelope so you can close the mail. Decorate and finished. Make a lovely decorated envelope and your mail is ready to take flight.”

“I love to mix and match the journal and the mail love, couse a cozy letter is kind of a journal for a friend and your journal is an mail for yourself in the future.”

Thank you so much, Moon, for being our guest designer and sharing your amazing creations with us! It was such a pleasure to have you here. You can find Moon on instagram: @moonhulsman where she shares all of her creative ideas.


  1. Kelly Vandermolen

    my goodness, your work is so very lovely! your journaling pages made my heart beat a little faster and so i just followed you on instagram because a daily dose of this loveliness can’t help but let some sunshine in. thank you for sharing your creativity!

    • Moon Hulsman

      Comment thank you so much for you’r extremely kind words. Great to see you on instagram also. Thank you

  2. jkoteles

    Very pretty! I love how you use Cocoa Daisy to journal!

    • Moon Hulsman

      Comment thank you so much


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