July Memory Keeping Designer | Jil Larson

Our July Guest Designer is Jil Larson and you are in for a treat! You can tell she enjoyed working with our whimsical Twinkling of the Tea collection! Come check out her gallery and get to know her better by reading on.

1. My most creative time is late afternoon. With much of the work for the day done, I love to create between 4:30 and 7:00 and then cook a late dinner.
2. I unwind by going for a run. Nothing clears my mind like running. I also re-set my nervous system with yoga—a long yoga class is the best way to put me in a mellow mood!
3. If I were in a rock and roll band, my job would be writing the lyrics for songs but not making any music! I can’t sing or play any instruments, which is ironic because my brother is a pianist and my niece is actually in a successful band, The Accidentals.
4. My guilty pleasure is popcorn, a food I cannot live without or consume in moderation.
5. If my life were a movie, Jodie Foster would play me.
6. My favorite accessory is a bracelet that my boyfriend gave me on our first date. He made it from brightly colored glass beads. It was a single strand, but he re-made it as we entered our second year together, putting the beads on a sturdier wire with two strands.
7. If my life were a novel, the title would be Woman with a Dog. I’ve had a dog in my life since I was two years old, and all of them have brought me so much joy.
8. My first job was working for my dad. He was a newspaper reporter, and I did office work for him when I was a young teenager.
9. Three bucket list items: to have a dog I do agility trials with, to travel the world, to still be running when I’m a strong, healthy old woman.
10. Dressed up for me is a casual top, a comfortable skirt, and sandals or boots.

Thank you for joining us this month Jil, we loved what you did with the Memory Keeping kits!

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    Nice to meet you!


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