What’s your Colour????

Do you have a colour that always draws you in?

A colour that always catches your eye?

This is mine….


I am always drawn to teals and mint greens. This is my colour.

I wear it, I choose my home decor in these colours, I can not keep away from it.

I found myself picking out these colours in this latest kit. They really caught my eye.

I really enjoy pulling out elements from a kit and popping to one side to take a better look. It’s like creating a mini kit from your main kit. It was easy then to choose my photos to compliment the LO that was slowly coming together. I picked a photo of my braids with ribbons and bought in some paint to co ordinate.

The LO came together very easily from here once these elements had been put to one side. I spread some of the paint on my papers and added the cards and pieces.

It was a very quick LO to make and all inspired by my favourite colour.

What’s your favorite colour?

Try and make your own mini kit. Bring some elements together in your colours, pick a photo to co ordinate and scrap your own quick page. You’ll be amazed how easy it is.




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