Cocoa Daisy Community: How do you store your stamps?

This month we asked the Cocoa Daisy Community how they store their stamps and then also wanted to know if and how they organize them and how they remember to use them. This is what several members shared with us.

Shu-Wen, Robin and Jill all use various kinds of refrigerator storage bins. Shu-Wen and Robin also store their stamps in Avery Elle stamp envelopes. When asked about organization Shu-Wen says she divides her stamps into these categories: “Occasions, Birthday, Sayings, Letters, Christmas, Graphics, Floral, and Other. Whenever I’m crafting (scrapbooking in my Daisy Dori or making cards), I’ll usually flip through my newer stamps to see which ones I want to try using, then dig in through the relevant categories to hunt for matching stamps.”

Robin also writes the name of the kit the stamp set came from on her stamp sets and keeps similar stamps together like alphabet stamps and planner stamps.

Jill says: The “treys are sorted by CD, alphas, travel, Project Life, planner and misc. I also have a drawer FULL of stamping up stamps… Usually I just dig through or flip through and see if something jumps out at me.” She describes it as an organized chaos.

Boxes and bins seem the way to go with most members of our community: Anna Leufvenius simply recycles a shoebox whereas Trinka uses a decorative fabric basket.

We all know that IKEA is a very good source for pretty and functional storage systems, Lindsay and Anna both use different containers for their stamps. Lindsay uses her leftover tabs from the planner kit to add the name of the stamp set as well as the month. She says: “I usually look through them when I am wanting to stamp, pick a few out and if they get used, great!”

Meera is one of those members who doesn’t use some sort of box to store her stamp sets. She uses memory keeping sleeves to hold her stamp sets. She describes her approach: “I use tabs to name the categories: i have a card/ paper separator so each memory sleeve holds two categories: icons and alpha, Simon and owls, fall and flowers, travel and books, butterflies and birds, feathers and creativity, boxes and accents, and one called to sort!” Like Lindsay she also labels the sleeves with leftover tabs from the planner kits, then she puts the sleeves on washi rings and hangs them above her workspace. This allows her to have the stamps right in front of her and reach for them easily.

Kylie stores her stamps in a compact drawer tower that sits on her desk. Since she loves stamping and uses them frequently she says she knows what stamps she has and doesn’t organize them.

Dana keeps her stamp in a Close To My Heart Stamp Organizer. She says she organizes all of her crafting supplies in these containers. “On the packaging I write what kit the set came from and if I just bought the stamp, I write ‘no kit’. I have a photographic memory so I have a pretty good idea what I have!”

Lastly, Murielle just recently shared her roller stamp organization with us. She has an impressive collection but wasn’t really using them as often as she would like to. So she came up with small reference cards that she made with papers from the planner kits: “I had the idea to create these small recapitulative cards with the gorgeous leftover papers from my planner cocoa daisy kits. I used little stickers from the march kit on the stamp.”

Thank you all for sharing your creative stamp storage solutions with us! We hope this collection of ideas will help you find the perfect storage system for your stamps. Please feel free to add your storage in the comments below to make this an even greater resource for everyone! Thank you for being such an awesome supportive community!


  1. Carolyn Meador

    Where did you ask this question? I don’t see anything on the many IG or FB groups. Please link to the discussion. Would love to see it!

  2. Laura Daniels

    Alot of great storage ideas Simone! Thanks for sharing this great post!
    Laura Instagram @planningmyday


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