Wrapping things up & fresh starts.

Hello Daisies, it’s me, Jody here to bid farewell to 2014 with one last blogpost on this New Year’s eve of 2015. I am actually still awaiting the arrival of my January kit~ Pajama Time and so instead of having a mini book to share with you I am just offering a short goodbye and hello all at once! I love taking a bit of time at the end of a year to sort through my scrap collection. It’s fun to see the mix of papers and embellishments from the previous years’ kits and to freshen up my space and get ready to document and craft in the coming new year. If you are like me, you’ll find you still have lots of wonderful “old” new stuff to use up!

I hope you have had a great year scrapping with so many wonderful items that you found in your Cocoa Daisy boxes month after month in 2014. The exclusive papers and new items- like planners and embellishments– were highlights this year, and I just know that there will be more surprises and reasons to look forward to your kits in 2015 too! So for now, I leave you with a “bonjour” and a “hello” as we wish you well from one year to the next!


{link to bonjour fries here}



{link to hello here}


May your year ahead hold lots of inspiration, creativity, growth, excitement and memories that find themselves in your planners and on your pages for years to come!


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