How Do You Store Your Monthly Kit? – with video

I always find it interesting to hear how other people store their monthly kits.

For years I would just work out of the box that it came in, but I would forget what I had, pieces would hide and later I would find them and wish I’d used them on a project that was now finished.

Then one day Alissa from our team did a blog post on how she stored her kit and it totally inspired this idea of mine and I’ve never looked back.

No more working out of a box for me. This is how I roll now.

I have put together a little video for you so you can see how I pack up the scraps of my old kit each month and then how I store my new monthly kit.

I love working this way. It works so well for me.

Here is the video. I hope you enjoy.

If you have any tips to share. We’d love to hear.

Thank you. Lisa x

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