Inspiration Tuesday :: Mood boards

Hello Daisies! It’s Inspiration Tuesday and I thought it would be fun to highlight mood boards {all images found via just type in “mood boards” in the search window for lots more results!} as the source of inspiration today. You can find mood boards of all types, sizes, varieties and subjects. From advertising to fashion, home, food and so much more, mood boards set a tone and create a visual snapshot of a project or idea that jumpstarts and leads to an end result. Think of it as a sort of brainstorming with images. Mood boards can be a wonderful thing for us as scrapbookers/crafters as they lend such inspiration on many levels. Here are a few ways to use them as such in your next project!

1. Mood boards can be a great tool for choosing color combos.


2. Mood boards can be a wonderful source for visual texture.


3. They can give you ideas for combining fonts/graphics on your page or project.


4. Mood boards can be the basis of your overall design. Think of them as a “sketch”!


5. Mood boards can push you to try adding different elements to your creations.


6. They can simply be visual inspiration to get your mojo flowing again!


I hope this list of ideas has started a few wheels spinning in your own head or heart as you think about your next page or project. Mood boards are such a great source of inspiration! Use them to challenge you, jumpstart a page design, give you fresh color or font ideas, or even push you to try a new technique! Maybe one of the mood boards here has already grabbed your attention and you’re finding yourself ready to scrap. If so, run to your scrap space and feel free to post your creation and mood board inspiration in the gallery for all of us to see. Inspiration is best when shared…we love everything you create! Happy scrapping, Daisies!

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