Using Daisy Dori for Instagram Challenge

Hi [fellow] Planners !

I’m back today with another post on how I use my Daisy Dories. This month I have decided to use them for the very popular Instagram’s hashtag challenges. This is the first time I’m giving these challenges a try and I have chosen to follow along Cori The Reset Girl Listers Gotta List challenge and the #rockyourhandwriting challenge by Boho Berry and a couple of other fellow planner ladies.


This is the August Daisy Dori. I chose the dashboard which I love the most and attached it on the cover. It really makes me want to pick up the book more often 😀 You can see my process in this unboxing video.



I printed out the challenge prompts from Boho Berry website and embellished it with some washi tape.

aimed to write something in both books each day. But I am not the most strict with myself yet ! Even if I missed a day, I will give myself the option to either skip the prompt or write for 2 prompts on another day. Here is my response to Day 1 ‘s prompt 🙂 And yes, I used the birdy metal clip (that is soooooo intricate) as a bookmark in this Daisy Dori.
cocoadaisy_aug-4 cocoadaisy_aug-5 cocoadaisy_aug-6

I started getting obsessed over brush lettering a few weeks ago and bought a bunch of brush pens, calligraphy pens etc. I really want to practice writing something every day. Initially, I was tracing over the letters and they looked awesome, but without tracing it I seem to be a little less confident. I figured that I needed to just keep on writing until I like to look of my handwriting for practice even though they might not look nice now ! I guess that’s the purpose of me taking part in this challenge !
cocoadaisy_aug-7 cocoadaisy_aug-8 cocoadaisy_aug-9 cocoadaisy_aug-10 cocoadaisy_aug-11 cocoadaisy_aug-12

This is not a Daisy Dori. It is more of an upcycling project. I had some leftover pages from July A5 and Personal Planner kit which would have gone to waste as I don’t use them anywhere else. I love the color scheme of this month’s planner pages so I cut them down and glued some pages inside a plain traveler’s notebook to make my very own ‘Daisy Dori’.

In this book, I printed the August Listers Gotta List challenge.cocoadaisy_aug-15

This is my Day 1 and 2 entries.
cocoadaisy_aug-16 cocoadaisy_aug-17

I hope this inspires you to do something different in your Daisy Dori ! Till next month 🙂

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