December Daily Review

Don’t you love that feeling when a big important project is finished, the satisfaction and joy that it’s done.  That’s how I feel every time I finish a journal. It’s pure joy and happiness! I love doing a December Daily album each year. They don’t always get finished but when they do it’s magic. This year I decided to do mine in the standard Daisy Dori and I’m hooked on this size. It worked out beautifully. I have a few pictures below and then a walk through video to share my experience.

ball gown prom dress

I was able to create beautiful double page spreads in this size. The pictures I printed were mostly about 2×3 inches and they fit perfectly.

A typical journaling card also fit wonderfully! I love using those as backgrounds for my photos or as a tip in to make room for more photos if I needed.

The blank pages in the Daisy Dori were perfect backdrops for full double page layouts. It reminds me of scrapbooking on a much smaller scale.

I had fun using up supplies this year. I decided to use several different alphas for this title and I think it lends nicely to the whimsy of the page.

I was okay with covering some of the pages with scrapbook paper. It was fun to design a whole new page around  the photos. I love all the green on this spread.

The beautiful designs on the inserts made decorating a breeze when I didn’t have a lot of time. This page was so easy! A picture, a title, and a die cut that’s it!



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  1. Simone Schermann

    Tricia, I loved the video, I love the blogpost! You did such an amazing thing with your December Daily. I’m excited for you that you finished, yes, I feel the same way every time I take one out of my TNs because it’s full! Thanks for all the helpful tips in this post, we need to remember and share it again just before December Daily season starts again!


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