Hack Your Doris and Make a Story Journal!

Hey Scrappy people! Traci here and I wanted to show you how I made the regular Daisy Dori and the Simple Dori work together to work for ME!  I love a great traveler’s notebook, but unfortunately, I’m not a planner girl, so I could never really make the planner Doris work for me, even though they were beautiful!  When the Simple Dori came on the scene, I was super excited, but I felt like that wasn’t quite meeting my needs as well.  Then I had an epiphany! I really wanted to start a sort of story journal scrapbook and the Simple Dori and regular Dori together would be PERFECT for that!

I started by taking apart both my Doris and reshuffling the pages until I came up with a sequence I liked. Basically, I separated the color blocked divided pages so that I only had one divided page for every spread, like so:

Then, when I was happy with the layout, all I did was take some matching thread, use the existing staple holes and sew it back together! Easy peasy!

Now I have a hacked together Dori that has places for me to write on one side and scrap on the other!

Check out my first spread below and there is a process video too!

Let me know if YOU plan on hacking YOUR Doris anytime soon!


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