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Scrap is useful to set snapshots of our lives in stone.


 And what best to beautify these moments than add our favorite paper or items around the picture? It is a real treat to do so.
In this article you will find my top 3 item from the August Cocoa Daisy kit:
– Cloud shaped chipboard: Size, color and thickness are perfect. The little ink droplets are delightful. I really like them a lot.
– Second, the Cocoa Daisy polka dot papers. The fading green and brown is simply beautiful.
– And third the Golden stars. Wonderfully shiny and iridescent
I scrap to transmit our memories to my children. It is always a pleasure to see them looking throughout the albums and see themselves when they were younger. And when I look, I am sometimes surprised to see how fast the change. How fast they grow up.
With this page I wanted to document our last evening of vacation at the beach this last July. And we thought that witnessing one last sundown on the beach would be a perfect family moment. But the sun takes some time to go down and young children do not have lots of patience. So soon enough they started to get rowdy and run around in the sand. My husband decided to take part of the party and improvised to be a human swing much to my youngest daughters pleasure. She jumped up and down laughing out loud and making us laugh. This was a truly amazing moment.
I have tried to capture this moment in this layout. I have organized the picture to mimic the motion of the swing by lining up the photos not in a straight line. There is on row of picture that goes up and one that goes down.

And you, what makes you scrap?


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  1. Marcia Deignan

    Great memories and wonderful layout. Loved reading your explanation about your design and products used!


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