a Dori that does it all!

Hi there Daisy fans!  This month I am sharing how I set up my Dori that does it all!  I combine planning, faith, memory keeping and gratitude all into my daisy dori.

Let’s chat about planning in the dori!  I fell in love with the day of the week stamp from the pocket memory keeping kit along with the little patterned page flags which a new to me item.  My goal was to use them in as many places as possible this month.

The week on one page (Wo1P in planner talk) from the personal sized are my absolute favorite because they feature the complete color scheme from the month’s kit.  To adhere those Wo1P papers, I trimmed down a pattern paper to slip between the staples of the dori – you can see how I do this in my video below.  These Wo1P will be filled with daily gratitude.

I am also documenting my faith in the dori by using the personal sized week on two pages. Our church shares a daily video devotion and I love taking notes on what is said.  With my faith notes, I love using arrow, plus signs and dot stickers to mark important thoughts and the puffy ones this month have fun little patterns that make the important parts pop off the page.

Finally, when I first crack open my dori, I have a set of sticky notes right next to me for layout idea that spark when I see the pages.  I have plans to document stories about myself within these dori pages.  I have always been a night owl and a moon lover and I want to document that on the crescent moon page in the form of writing about my job as an evening shift pediatric nurse. Plus, I added a goals page to keep me focused all month long!

The moon page spoke to me to document my grey hair transition because the stamp “be hooo you are” along with the sassy owl stamp are so fun!  I hope you enjoyed the sketches of these layouts.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram where I will share the completed pages later this month.

Want to see a flip through of all these pages combined into one beautiful dori?  Join me on my YouTube channel for a video walk through.



  1. Simone Schermann

    What a great start to your month! I love how creative but still very functional and structured it all is and I cannot wait to see your grey hair spread!

    • Casie Gutierrez

      Thank you Simone!


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