DIY Planning in the Kitchen

Hi, It’s Lisa with my kitchen planner today.

I set up a new recipe planner this week, but the recipe section was just one as a whole and I really wanted to separate my recipes in to 4 sections to make them easier to find.

I decided to combine my Main Memory Making kit with the Pocket Kit and the Planner kit too to create these easy and very quick dashboards.

The dashboard papers that come in the planner kit are already nice and thick, I added a little more patterned paper from the pocket kit for design purposes and then ran each dashboard through the laminator to strengthen it even more and to make it splash proof. I then also added some die cuts and chipboard piece from the kits.

These colours are so perfect for my kitchen planner and I love the pumpkin touches. I’m happy to eat pumpkin all year round!!  : )

I decided to add of the tab tops after and I stuck them on with prepositional tape so that I can change them if ever I wish to.

I’m so happy with how this pocket dashboard turned out which I’ve added to the back of my planner.

I wanted somewhere to store any recipes on notes. I took a 12×12 piece of paper from the main kit and trimmed it to the height of my A5 dashboard, but I left the width the full 12” size.  Then I pulled the top corner down and folded it to create the pocket and secured it in placed. The left side at the bottom and the very bottom edges have all been secured down so nothing can fall out.

I do have a video here if you would like these dashboards being created.

They are so easy to make and look great too.

I hope you enjoy this. Thanks so much.


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