Daisy Dori TN Inspiration with the Paper and Ink Kits


Ariana Detrez and I are on the blog today sharing some Daisy Dori inspiration with the Paper and Ink memory keeping and planner kits. This year at work we have gone through many changes and many more are coming in 2019. I do my best to be positive and to emulate this with my team. I wondered how can I remind myself it will be okay and to remain inspired through so much change?

And the answer came with the arrival of the Paper and Ink TN kit. The gorgeous TN pages and ephemera gave me the idea of creating an inspiration journal for 2019. I am off to a great start and I know my journal will serve me well over the coming year.  I shared this idea with Ariana and she chose two prompts to share as well. You will find the entire prompt list at the end of this post.

Let’s begin with Ariana’s life motto. I love it because that is what this journal idea is all about!

Next I want to share a prompt to look in the mirror and see the good things about yourself looking back at you!

Now let’s look at what Ariana did with the prompt to record a favorite quote or quotes. Ariana’s design is lovely and I adore the quote she chose for this prompt. It reminds me of Maya Angelou’s “And Still I Rise” poem. I love the page Ariana chose in her Simple Dori for this prompt and the last line of that quote is perfect. Keep moving forward!

The next layout in my inspiration journal is about someone I miss. There is no doubt she was the most influential woman in my life and I will forever love and miss her. But she lives on in me and her many children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren by virtue of the values of kindness, family, and love that she emulated for us every day of her life. Her greatest gift to me was that she totally believed in me.

A close up of my favorite big hearted person ever! On the left is my grandpap, in the middle is my handsome father, and on the right is my grammy.

And finally, I wanted to show you what I did with the prompt to document a scripture or something that fuels your faith and hope for yourself or the world or both.

I hope you enjoyed this post and the ways in which Ariana and I are using various items from the Paper and Ink memory keeping and planning kits. My journal is truly a labor of love and I know it will lift my spirits as 2019 unfolds. And as promised, I have included the prompt list below. If you are unable to download it, please leave a comment and I will reach out to you to share.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our post!

Robin and Ariana




  1. janinerachau

    These are all beautiful pages! Thank you, both, for sharing!!

    Robin, would you consider sharing how you get the typeface on your pages directly? Do you use a standard typewriter? What is the font? Love it!

    • Robin Adryan

      It just so happens I created a video the other day because many people have asked me about this. The video is on my YouTube channel http://youtu.be/445LTEk5ccU and the font is called Typewriter Condensed Demi which can be downloaded for free at https://fonts2u.com/typewriter-condensed-demi.font. Please let me know if this helps and if you have any additional questions! Thanks also for your kind words about our post.

      • janinerachau

        Thank you for the information. I tried to download from the link. Unfortunately, I could not get the font to load properly in my older word and I ended up with pop-ups on my screen that I can’t delete. 🙁 I removed the download but it has left commands that I don’t know how to find and remove. So frustrated. I would not post these comments except as a warning to another person who tries to get the font.

        • Robin

          Hello, I am so sorry to hear about your trouble. This is the first time anyone I have shared this link with has reported a problem. I check the downloads on sites I recommend before I share them because often site ads are trying to confuse the user into clicking a button to download their software or malware. I won’t recommend this link again. I hope you were able to get your computer fixed? Again, I am so sorry about your bad experience!

          • janinerachau

            Thank you, Robin. I haven’t been on my computer as much this week but when I have, I haven’t noticed the pop ups. So, I’m not sure what the status is. I did find a spot to click on the pop ups where it closed it instead of making me click to the link to get rid of it. I also, try to delete all new stuff and shut down for an overnight. At the least, I don’t think the problem is as bad as initially. Thank you for your concern. Please don’t feel badly. I have an old computer with little protection as I don’t do much that requires privacy on it. Thanks again

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